v-A Blood phrase, where the "c" in coolin' is replaced with a "B".
"I ain't doin much blood, just boolin'"
by MackD December 22, 2005
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to hang or chill. can literally mean just hanging out or participating in getting fucked up.. aka drinking, smoking ,
What's ur?
We're just boolin outchere.
by madriefer420 December 07, 2015
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Straight chillin, usually with one's friends/comrads/"Goon Squad"; hanging out
JHD: Yo, what are you doing this weekend?
SDK: Just boolin' with my goon squad.
JHD: Do you want to study for APUSH?
SDK: Yeah, lets APUSH and Bool.
by ben109091 May 22, 2016
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wildin', acting crazy, being insane
Teacher: Get off your phone or ill take it.
Me: Boy you boolin'.
by gingbeboolin September 19, 2017
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