A "Hales" usually refers to a girl with a big butt. These individuals love creepy crime shows and are typically obsessed with their professors. Hales' have to be properly watched. If left ignored these people have the opportunity to become crazy stalkers. If looked after Hales' can be normal, caring, perfect, and happy beings. They also are usually obsessed with humans named "Kayla".
Girl 1: She's a Hales, look out for her
by Henry Mole October 14, 2014
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a "l33t h4x0r" who has discovered over 6000 vulnerabilities in windoze but doesn't tell anyone about them.
"dammit hale, stop rooting my boxes" - Bill Gates
by not hale, honest... August 26, 2003
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when you shove a firecracker in a frog's ass too celebrate the 4th. of July!
Alex Z.-"Hey want to go Haleing?"
Alex H.-"Sure! i love shoving firecrackers up frogs asses!"
by notbeauclark January 11, 2009
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a word from the early 17th century period which refers to a ragamuffin with no morales who copulates excessively with his right hand.
if you keep on wanking people will start to call you a hale
by niall December 21, 2003
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Rude. This girl is always a huge bitch and has different personality depending on which one of her fake friends she is with. Her personality can best be described as bitchy, fake, and angery. The anger usually resulting from her complete lack of beauty.
"I met a Halee today."

"Really? Was she ugly?"

"Yeah. I said I met a Halee today."
by kaylouise March 26, 2010
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