Also known as the Persuader, he can persuade even Warren Buffet to give him a small loan of a million dollars and never pay him back. Enhanced interrogation techniques must be used if you’re ever going to get your money back. Desperately tries chasing after popularity by doing things he thinks are “cool,” like drinking. Destined to be a tax evader and have multiple government agencies on his ass.
Dude: Loan’s due. You got the cash?
Hale: I’ll get it to you tomorrow bro
Dude: You know what I want.
Hale: Shit my bad maybe next week

A year later
Dude:Bruh give me my money already
Hale: What money now?
by xX_LordGaben69_Xx September 6, 2020
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A very atrractive person, with a good taste in music. She loves jokes and funny things, she can make every boy fall in love with her. She is cute, awesome and fabulous.
by i am mrs. hood April 10, 2015
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hale is a fuckable and sexy person
Hey look over there it’s hale fucking savannah! Hale makes me so horny
by ppapdundundun June 10, 2020
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“Should I ask this girl out?”
“Hale!!! She likes you dude, I know it”
by Halebail August 2, 2019
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Hawaiian word for 'house' or 'home'. Pronounced HA-LAY.
Ho, I like go your hale afta sku, braddah?
by Braddah Kine June 8, 2009
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A small one light town where more than half of the town is on welfare and smoking weed, while everyone else is working hard to pay for their welfare. every weekend there are parties in numerous locations (just look at facebook it works for the cops) where you will find the same group of people that graduated/dropped out from high school years ago. If you do no drink a lot in the town of Hale than you are probably just an old person calling the cops on someone who is.
Person 1: "want to go to a party tonight?"
Person2: "yeah! but where?"
Person 1: "Hale, i hear they are a bunch of alcoholics"
by farmerkid44 December 7, 2015
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A tiny town nobody has ever heard of in northern Michigan with 60+ lakes where all of the residents (except those too poor to afford gas) go to school 30 minutes away cause local schools suck ass
oh, you live in Hale? You must be a Shellenbarger or Runyan
by February 9, 2020
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