A boy named Hagen is usually a really sweet boy. He may have his "player" moments, but there will be one girl that changes his mind forever. Hagen's are usually tall, blonde, handsome, and really sweet. If you ever find one, don't make him angry. Keep him forever.
Look there's a hagen!
by Kaylaabrysonnlollllll October 22, 2013
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Hagen is a short guy who has brown hair and is so sweet! He may be full of himself at times but he has a soft sport inside. He has lots of friends and is nice to people even when he does not like them. He has lots of girl friends but does not care if people make fun of him for having girl friends because friends are friends. He is not normally on his phone but when he is he is always texting a friend or his parents other then that he is not on his phone. If you all ever find yourself a Hagen keep him cause Hagen’s are pretty rare.
Dang I wish I had a hagen! I would never let him leave me because it’s like a once in a lifetime opportunity!
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If you find a Hagen RUN! because if you don't you'll find yourself thinking about him 24/7 to the point where people are asking you, "Why are you smiling? your Grandma just died." he also has a massive cock.
Hot anime girl: oh my GOD did you see Hagen's bulge?? I can't stop thinking about it.
guy named Hagen: uh...I'm Hagen.....
by miss.doodlerdecker September 5, 2021
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A person who knows all the good memes

Hagen is a norwegian surname
A person named Hagen is awesome and very cool
Hagen is such a cool guy
by Beffffffffff November 21, 2017
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Mega fye blonde hair boy that gets the “He will be so hot in high school” phrase but is a solid 7 right now. Don’t make him mad or annoyed or will not like u at all. He has his player moments without a girl but with one he is the most loyal person
Look at Hagen man such an inspiration!
by The goat2345585 April 7, 2020
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Hagen is a surname originating from Germany. Other variants are German, Dutch, Danish, Jewish, English, Norwegian, and Swedish.

North German and Dutch: topographic name from Middle Low German hage(n), Middle Dutch haghe ‘enclosure’, ‘hedge’.

German, Dutch, and Danish: from a Germanic personal name, a short form of the various compound names formed with hag ‘enclosure’, ‘protected place’ as the first element.

German: nickname from Middle High German hagenbreeding bull’.

Jewish (Ashkenazic): of uncertain origin; perhaps the same as 1.

English: from an Old Scandinavian or continental Germanic personal name Hogni ‘protector’, ‘patron’ (Old Norse), Haghni (Old Danish), Hagano (Old Germanic).

Norwegian: habitational name from any of numerous farmsteads so named, from the definite singular form of hage, from Old Norse hagi ‘enclosure’.

Swedish: ornamental or topographic name from the definite singular form of hage ‘enclosed pasture’.
Her name is Sherry Hagen.
by KittyOfDeadlyPoking April 11, 2010
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“Hagen” is derived from the word “Hag.” A “Hagen” is a member of substantial subset of the female population. They are middle aged, almost morbidly overweight, with short hair, dyed black or very dark brown. Members are strikingly similar in appearance. It’s only upon close examination that they can be differentiated. Hagens are often caregivers, such as nurses or teachers. A typical Hagen would be 5’4”, 240 lbs, and 54 years old.

Almost universally, they claim to “like themselves” in spite of obvious indications of low self-esteem.

"Wow, there were like five Hagens lined up at the counter wating for free ice cream."
by Dave-the-198 May 3, 2008
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