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Probably the most unpopular and irritating users on Habbo Hotel who for some weird reason dress and act like small children.

They are commonly found in adoption centers (duh) but sometimes will appear randomly in various locations such as streets, hospitals and free houses claiming to have lost their mothers.

Some also appear on doorsteps claiming to be a newborn in a box wrapped in a blanket as a ploy to make you feel sorry for them.

Caution should be taken as some are scammers and will ask for rights to your houses or for furni and other luxuries.
A typical Habbo Baby will appear as follows;


Chubby cheeks
large eyes
Hoody (usually blue)

Shorts (also usually blue)
Bunny slippers
Button noses (usually red from what I saw)

Hoody (usually pink or other neutral colour purple or green)
Pants (or in some cases skirts or shorts)
Pigtails (some are bald)
Bow ties
Large eyes
Bunny Slippers
Button noses (usually pink)

Their most discintive feature is their mannerisms they will almost always add a 'w' into every word, apparently to immitate to the speech of a child or to appear cute.

Example: "Hwi will ywou adwopt mwe?"

In an adoption center they will commonly seek "parents" who have VIP or some wealth such as furni or credits.

If you are none HC member they will probably reject you.

"Mwe want VIP mwommy awnd dwaddy".

Habbo babies often cause annoyance to other habbo members, however they can be a great source of entertainment.

I sometimes like to go into an adoption center and be mean to them or pretend to be nice in the adoption center and take them home and then torture them by locking them in rooms or ignoring their cries.

Me: Hello
Baby: Hwi
Me: Are you a newborn?
Baby: Wes
Me: You are one ugly baby.

You will see "mothers" bringing their adopted "children" to free houses (as their own rooms are too small)

Me: Hello miss
Woman: Hi
Me: Some mighty ugly children you've got there
Woman: Stop being so mean
by DeadZone2013 January 20, 2013
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Habbo babies are extremely sad people who think its fun to pretend to be a baby and get pixel parents. Always ask for hc habbo club parents, and are very likely to say it's their birthday so they get given furni. Also add w's to every word they say including actions (they are incapable of typing normally) and talk in stars when they pretend to do something. The most irritating of all habbos.

Normally Wear: Hoodies (Pink for girl, Blue for boys)
Shorts Or Skirt
And many girls have bunches of hair
and claim to be newborn.
Habbo Babies:
(Habbo baby enters adoption room)
Baby: *Fwalls Dwown On Pwuffeh Nwappeh And Swucklesh Thwumbeh*
Parent: (Thinks) Ahh what a cute child let me adopt him/her.
Parent:Hey Sweetie Can i Adopt Yooh?
Baby: Nwo, Woo Scwaree
(Baby Walks Up To Hc)
Baby: *Swuckles Thwumb Cwutely* Ewwo Pwetty Lwady

by Sam-age December 29, 2007
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losers with NO LIVES who like to spend their spare time pretending to be a 'baby' on habbo hotel. Spend their time in adoption rooms, after HC parents, speaking with an unnecessary amount of w's in every word to make them sound 'cute' (and some silly fools actually fall for it =S)
Alot of them claim to be 'newborn' which is incredible seen as their parents must have thrown them in the gutter the moment they are born, or died during birth

Classic baby uniform:
Hair: Bunches for girls or BALD
Top: ALWAYS a hoodie, god knows why (can be any colour)
Bottoms: Shorts or a skirt
Bully-victim shoes
Habbo baby: (walking up to a HC) *Wookwesh uwp at woo wiv bwig bwue eyesh awnd smwiles* =

HC parent: Awwwwwr! hey chick! :D

Baby: *Wavesh a chwubbeh hwand*

HC parent: *scoops u up in my arms and holds u close to me*

Baby: *Sways fwirst ever word* Mwamma!


Me: shut up u two complete virgins *smashes babies head against wall*

Baby: WAAAAA! WAAAAAA! *cwries ickwe hweart out*

HC parent; =O dont be so mean to her! she is only a little baby! *protects ma lil dharlin*

Me: no she isnt! she is ur age! maybe OLDER! why dont u all grow the fuck up and get lives!!!!
by dfzdsx February 03, 2008
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People (with no lives) that waste their time on Habbo dressing as a baby so Habbo "Moms" can adopt them and waste coins and give furni to the cute babies. Babies want HC Mommies always.

How Habbo Babies Dress Like

-Chubby Face
-Blue or Pink Clothes
-Cute Clothes

Baby: MwAmA cWan you adwopt Mwe? IM CWUTE
HabboMom: No I want an HC baby
Baby: PwEASE!!!
HabboMom: Sorry. No cutie.
Baby: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa WAAA
Me: ***beats with metal pole*********
Baby: Mwommy hwe bwienf mean! waaaaaaa waaaaaaa
Kedo: Gives me a ban message
Me: Did i hurt them in real life? no dumb habbo babies
by Butt314 January 31, 2007
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People who go on Habbo and pretend to be babies. Pretty pathetic really. Talk with too many "W"'s in their words and claim to be "Newborn" (some even pretend to be unborn and say to their "Mommies" "Mwe in your twummy") Anyway, they hang around Adoption centres looking for Mommies, they always want H.C mommies and steal their furni and creds, so they can be H.C without even having to pay.

They dress like:
Hair- Bald, or pigtails for girls
Chubby faces with little pink noses
Hoodies (reason- for girls, they have no breasts, boys-no idea)
Shorts or skirt
Bunny slippers

I usually adopt them, then i'm really mean to them. Sometimes they cant stick to being "babies".
Me: Hello little girl, are you newborn?
Habbo Baby: Wessy
Me; Do you need adopted?
Baby: Wessy
Me: Well, too bad sucka! *hits with baseball bat*
Baby: WAAAAAAAH (10 times)

Me: Ewww, what an ugly baby
Baby: Mommy!
Mom: It's okay honey
Baby: *sits in your lap and cries*
Me: Pathetic baby *shoots baby*
Baby: *Kicks to floor* Ha ha
Me: Your the most pathetic baby i've ever seen!

Baby: Will ywou adwopt mwe?
Me: Sure sweetie
Baby: Yaay!
(at home)
Me: *kicks you down stairs*
Baby: Waaaah!
Me: *Jumps on you*
Baby:Mwummy! Stwop! *whacks mummy*
Me: You're crap at pretending to be a baby!
(baby gets kicked)
by Crazysophhun July 15, 2009
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Sad, 15/16 Year olds, Talk With Either Numbers L1K3 TH1S
Or Zed talk
Habbo babies
by Morphizis1234 September 27, 2008
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A teen about 15/16 (or older) on Habbo hotel that waist their time dressing up as little babies that mums can adopt thinking they're cute - DON'T FALL FOR IT.

Watch out for baby-looking habbos that speak like: Ewwo how aw wuu?.

For example, Habbo Babies might walk into your or another room - That isn't an adoption!

**EXAMPLE 1**:
(Baby comes in)

Baby: Ewwoish

Non-hc girl: Aww can I adopt you please?

Baby: Nwoo Mwe Nweed Bwetter mwummy. Mwe Nweed HC mwum

Non-hc girl: Okay then

Baby: (to Hc girl) Cwan Wuu Awdopt mwe pwease

Hc girl: Okay then sweetie

Baby: Yway! (FURNI! I'm getting furni)

(At home)

Baby: Mwummy me need fwurni

Mum: No (Kicks baby)

**EXAMPLE 2**:

Baby boy: (goes up to Hc girl) Will Wuu Adwopt mwe pwease

Hc Girl: No Bobba off

Baby: *Gwets'Lwady'to'look'into'eyes'and'hypnotize'her

Baby: Will wuu adwopt mwe NOW?

Hc Girl: Yes'My'Sweet'pea. I will be your slave and mum

(Picks up baby and hugs) <<< DUN DUN DUN! :o

Baby: Cwan wuu gives me swowm cweds?

Mum: Yes my little pumkin of a son

(Trades and puts 500 creds in box)

Baby: Mwummy wure the best

Mum: No you are

(Gives more creds)

Mum: Now those 246 collectables I have...

**EXAMPLE 3**:

(In adoption)




Hc girl: Whats the matter

Baby: *Lwookies awt lwady wieth bwig ewes*

Baby: Will wuu adopt mwe



(baby Whispers to hc girl)

Baby: I will kweep twying two add wuu and 'Waa' untill wuu adwop mwe

Hc girl: Okay then hunnie

Baby: YWAY

(at home)

Baby: mwummy iwts mwy biwthday!

Mum: Happy birthday *Gives birthday cake*

Baby: Wat? Nwo Pwesent?

Mum: No you can't expect me to

Baby: I'm gwoing bwak two adwoption mwe nwo lwike wuu

(At adoption)



Hc-boy: Whats the matter dahlin

Baby: mwe have no mwummy ow dwaddy

Hc boy: I'll adopt you

Baby: Yway Owk

Hc Boy: And if its your birthiday - heres 34 creds

(A week later)

Baby: (pretend to be older) Im leaving dad

dad: Why

Baby: I got creds, Im hc and thats what i came her for

(Leaves and deletes as friends)
by Beautiful176 April 22, 2009
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