The mark of an amazing man. He is brilliant, casual, calm under matters of life and death when most people are yelling at him for answers. These bow-ties increase the intellect and appearance of anyone who wears them 1000-fold. The wearer instantly becomes recognized in the current environment as a man of distinction.

Usually worn by these people: secret agent(s) and the current Doctor Who the 11th Doctor.

As well as Bill Nye and some classy scientists and professor(s) who can actually teach and not just ramble on. That's all.
That man has a few bowties? Nay, he has a collection! Wait, is he a doctor? Perhaps. But it is known:

If you wear bow ties, you are therefore; indubitably cool.


"Bow ties are cool!" -The 11th Doctor Matt Smith

"James Bond wears a bow tie. That is why he's awesome. Not because he's a fictional character super-spy created by Ian Fleming in 1953 with the novel Casino Royale currently being played by Daniel Craig." -a lesser known definition

Thank you BBC UK and America. You're forever pretty awesome.

-An American Fan
by SuperFanFictionalAccount1963 August 20, 2011
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A sexual position where the female lays on her back and the male thrusts his penis down her throat until flush with her face. Once this is achieved the scrotum of the man can be lain down with her neck betwixt each ball. This results in the appearance of a skin bow tie. Some have speculated that if the mans pubic hairs are cut in a certain way the woman will resemble Groucho Marx when properly executed.
by Sigmund Freud May 31, 2017
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