A chat website overrun with 12 year olds that can have "sex0rz" with their 12 year old (A.K.A 56 yr old paedophiles) "bf" or "gf".

They attempt to suck up your money by making you buy "credits" (Creds) so you can buy some shit ass "furni" and join the Habbo club so you can be popular with the GrIlZ111!1!1!11!! and get "laid" and impress your 2cm tall "friends". Sounds great, huh? =P

Swearing is "bobbaing" impossible in Habbo Hotel, as every swear word is bleeped out. Sound bad? Not at all... It seems completely fair really, since its overrun with kids, But once you realise it is bleeped out with the word "bobba" you become annoyed, fast. Even if you say a word that isn't actually swearing its messed up by "Bobba" e.g "lass" becomes "lbobba"

Hobba. Hobba's are "moderators" (A.K.A fat kids that eat donuts while playing habbo hotel) that ban you for the fucking crappiest reasons. I got banned for saying my real name. Seriously. Hobba's need to be 18, so they probably have no life if they are 18 playing Habbo.

People create rooms to have "beauty" contests in and create "Jobs" so they can scam other habbos into giving them their password.

This wonderful dish is best not served at all, unless you're 8.
Nerd: Can I see your room?

Me: I don't have a room.

Nerd: Oh okay I hate you.

Me: Ummm...

Nerd: stfu noob I said I hate you!

Me: Ummm okay...

Nerd: omg im reporting you for being a noob!

You have been banned for life for being a noob.

Habbo Hotel
by Greenday678912345 March 14, 2009
It is a virtual hotel that gets you sucked in and makes you buy fake furniture and makes you spend over $100 on fake furniture. This place really sucks.
Habbo Hotel is a place that sucks you in to buying fake furniture
by Parker July 4, 2004
A place on the internet where people of all ages, races, religions, colors, habits, musical preferences, nationalities, politcal views, genders, and sexual orientations can come together to insult each other's ages, races, religions, colors, habits, musical preferences, nationalities, politcal views, genders, and sexual orientations
Peadafile: Hey kid wants some furni?!
stupid little kid: Yeh sure!
~peadafile gives furni to stupid kid~
Peadafile: Hey kid whats your last name?
stupid little kid: My mom says i shldnt giv it out! :(
peadafile: It'll help me get credit!
stupid little kid: oki my names jones, callan jones!
peadafile: Where do u live?
stupid little kid: I shldnt say but i liv in rooty hill!
~peadafile packs up bag and heads for rooty hill primary school~

For more informations see peadafile and kiddy fiddler
by Freak-A-Zoid April 25, 2005
When you are in the verge of commiting suicide, you go to this crappy site.
Some people actually waste their money
to look better, so they can get "screwerd."
Before I shoot myself in the head, let me go to habbo hotel, afterall, it will bore me to death!
by Alexis April 18, 2005
A highly addicting virtual chatroom. Took me 2 years to finally quit but thankfully I never spent a penny on it.
Habbo Hotel was actually fun back in '02-04 when all the exploits weren't patched... now Habbo has it's safety BS crammed up the ass.
It just plain sucks now. If you're not 'hott' or have lots of 'furni', you probably won't make very many friends on there.
If you've never been on Habbo Hotel, consider yourself lucky and stay far away from it. If you must however, don't pay! Whatever you do, do NOT support them!
by Bobby DeNiro January 6, 2008
Some damn place where everyone who approaches you asks 3 things: age, gender and place of living. People ask for marriages and relationships that are just no use. There is no point to this game. You walk around, WOW!
Habbo1: Tell me your age, gender and place of living
Habbo2: OK!

A short while later

Habbo1: Can we get married?
Habbo2: Yep sure, it's only a game

Next Day
Habbo1 arrives at habbo2's house with a ring

Habbo2: I didn't really want to marry you.
Habbo1: Noooooooooooooooooo. I'm gonna sulk for the rest of my life!
by a la dude May 31, 2005
Habbo Hotel is a chatting site designed around the idea that you (your avatar) is staying in a large hotel that contains various rooms you can visit to open up many new experiences. If this game was like it was during the 2002 - 2007 time period, it could be considered a pretty solid way to spend your free time. However, times have changed and the game and community have done nothing but become worse. I'll explain both.

The game - Simply put, there is not much to do in it anymore. Scams are uncommon but do exist. The amount of user hosted games are very limited and can get boring quickly. Habbo Hotel used to have their own games like SnowStorm and Battle Ball, but were removed. Habbo has cut ALOT of the free content and instead gated majority of the content behind a price tag. There used to be TONS of free interactive public spaces and games. As the years progressed Habbo Hotel began to milk it's community for every nickle and dime possible. 0% of Habbo Hotel can be put under one of the following catagories. The Roleplayer Veteran in training, The veteran and The Pedo
- The veteran in training: Ages of 9 - 14. They have begged their parents for coins in order to join the HabboClub. (HabboClub is a subscription to unlock extra benefits) If you don't pay for the HabboClub you will be reminded of how much of a gay loser you are by the veteran in training. (Ex: Johnnyboy12: Haha loser! ur p00r.
- The Roleplayer - Age varies. Mainly used as a way a to fill some void in their lives. Might roleplay has a baby or a badass mob member!
(Ex: Raihnbowzxcupcake: Can sum1 pwease adwopt meh? xD
(Ex: MJ44: I'm a foot solider for Jeff22's army bro!!! Better back up!!!

The horny kids/pedos - Ages Varies. An NBC reporter made an account once and within an hour was sexually harassed.

The veteran - Generally ages 17+. A person who has been on Habbo for over 5 years. Since this games population has dwindled down, veterans are the most common. Many of them lack an identity and self importance in real life, and often times will shun or insult new users to delude themselves further. They proudly display their badges of being a member for x amount of days or badges that are from 02-04.
(Ex:Bathub: Lmao, go away with your shit username
(Ex: Jdog52: ..What?

If these kinds of people don't sound pleasant to you aside from our classic troll then you aren't wrong. The community is garbage. As listed, you got your dorky kids and sex predators. Your habbo addicts that have lost touch with reality and your always charming manchildren. But hey you might get lucky and meet some normal people in Habbo Hotel. Good luck with that.
by J0nSantana January 1, 2016