A "club" in an online chatting community called Habbo Hotel. It offers more privileges than a "normal" member such as a new piece of furniture every month, new colors and clothing, and an extended friends list topped with new commands. Habbo Club members (often called HCs), are typically faggots because most of them dress the same with a puff ball hat, head phones, sea weed hair, a toothed necklace, a star shirt (striped tanktop for women), baggy pants, (a short skirt for women), and skater shoes, (sandals for girls). Most of them call others who aren't "fortunate" enough to have Habbo Club, norms because they feel so bad about their shitty life that they try to bring down other people's self-esteem.
HC Fag #1: omg, hey there gurlfriend!
HC Fag #2: OH EM GEE, u finally got habb0 clUb!
"Norm": hey guys
HC Fag #1: oh great, a norm.
HC Fag #2: fucking norm, go away.
HC Fag #3: hey ladies.
HC Fag #1: OH MY GOSH!! its brad! he's sooooo hot!
HC Fag #2: lets rape him
HC Fag #s 2 and 1: *rape*
HC Fag #3: oh yeah! this is totally against the rules of habbo but we're habbo club, the mods won't ban us.
"Norm": HC bitches
by Syn2Die4 January 05, 2010
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A complete waste of habbo credits! Habbos Club members, better known as Hcs, think there better than everyoen else becacause they have cooler clothes, hair, and more furni. Hcs cause noobs to floo dgiveaways saying, "ZOMG! Your hc, you dotn need furni! Basturd!". :P Hcs also disrespect norms for no particular reason. DUMBAZZ, YOU WERE A NORM TOO!
Script 1:
Dumb HC: Eww! Go away normie!
Norm: Why?
Dumb HC: Because your a normie! Eww don't give me your disease!
Dumb HC 2: Yeah normies are losers! Your so poor! I wonder why sulake lets losers online liek you!
Norms*Cryign in real life*: plz stop, your hurting my feelings. I will report you
Dumb HCS: So wat? They won' believe you, your a normie.

*norm forces hismelf to buy hc*

Script 2
Two best friends join habbo, 1 is hc and 1 is not.
Norm: Hi dude!
Hc: Go away!
Norm: Why?
Hc: I dotn want to hang out /w/ u anymore!
Norm: Why not?
Hc: Because your a norm, I only associate with hcs!
Norm:But we've been friends since kindergarden!
Hc: Who cares!*presses remove button on console*
Norm: I don't care. Remove me. I hate you bitch! Don't ever coem to my house ver agian!
*hc stays on habbo and has no friends in r/l, then gets hacked and jst buys furni all over agian*

Script 3
Hc: Look a normie.
Norm: I know im a normie bitch!
Hc: Whoze you talking to?
Hc: *-*smacks*-*
Norm: Wow that really hurt. Listen, I will eave you alone. i'm real sorry that your IQ has lowered down to 60 and habbo hypnotized youinto buyign coins and hc, its nto working for me sorry!
Hc: You noob, *-*kicks from room*-*

Hc are turds. its nto that hard to tell. Even if you like habbo hotel, don't buy habbo club. Use your coisn for something more valuable, even though the whole buy vcoisn using r/l money is crap XP
by CrankThatBatman April 28, 2008
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