A malicious site which encourages kids to buy credits to get furni.
"How much Habbo furni you got?"
"More than you. I've got an Imp Teleporter"
by CK_2K5 December 7, 2005
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Habbo hotel. Otherwise known as just habbo is an online game on which you chat to your "friends". Friends as in random people you meet in rooms and decide to add them to you list of many other "friends".

Habbo is mainly used for spending YOUR OWN money which has much better use then buying virtual furniture. Getting a boyfriend/girlfriend which is usally a pervert and always asks for your MSN and if you have a cam.

If you viset habbo now you are sure to find youself in rooms infested by noobs, pervs, 12-16 year olds wanting cyber sex, and people with no friends who think they are REALLY cool to have lots of furni
because people look up to them as being rich. The tramps/Suck ups always come to these sorts of people begging for furni.
Example- A typical day on habbo:

Boy habbo: Hey, your hot. Wanna go to your room?

Girl habbo: Sure, I have lots of furni!

Boy habbo: Great. Could i have some, i got hacked and today it's my birthday. :( Sad face.
by Nobue March 17, 2009
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Habbo is a website for prepubesent kids. Habbo has chat rooms but instead of a having a chat room page, its a hotle room where kids have to spend real money to buy virtual furenture to decorate their rooms. Each user has make their vinallia white skin in real life into black or mexican skin in the game. The kids on the website as people out in the game and stand in a blank hotle room and put * around verbs to do something like *touches*. They also have hot or not games but everybody looks the same so it defeats the purpose.
Prepubescent boy: Hey wanna go to my vitural habbo hotle room and type things
Prepubescent girl: Sure
Prepubescent boy: *has sex with*
Prepubescent girl: *moans*
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Habbos are avatars created for habbo hotel. You buy fake furni for them with REAL money..
by - James B- December 22, 2006
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To be honest, Habbo is nothing but a game where you waste your money. If you choose not to get some stuff, you sadly cant get friends.
Dad: Son can i lend 10$ from you?
Son: No sorry
Dad: Why?
Son: I ran out of money..
Dad: But i gave you 200$ two months ago?!
Son: Well i spended it all on Habbo
by Ranqer April 4, 2008
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A virtual chat room where people from around the world can meet and make friends. You have to pay real money to purchase furniture on the game, or win furniture in competitions, though it's not garunteed that you will win.

There is alot of people on the game that scam and start fights with people because he says he didnt scam them.

Svulle/Blocked Habbo AU: Spends 200AUD a month to win Battle Ball or Wabble Squabble. He is stupid and usually misses out on winning, therefore he has wasted $200. So in order to replace this $200 with Habbo furni, he scams his friends for some. He gets angry at people really easy and hasnt got many online friends, but he thinks he does. If he was to act like this in the real world which he does, he wouldnt have any friends.
by JicsinOw May 15, 2007
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An online community where a large bunch of geeks, nerds, stupid internet gangstas, cyber sex-hungry thirteen year olds (esepcially Habbo Australia) hang out and chat with tiny pixelated characters

The whole place is pretty shit, especally Habbo Canada amd Habbo Australia
"Fuck me, that Habbo is shit"
by Bruce0001 January 19, 2007
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