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People who go on Habbo and pretend to be babies. Pretty pathetic really. Talk with too many "W"'s in their words and claim to be "Newborn" (some even pretend to be unborn and say to their "Mommies" "Mwe in your twummy") Anyway, they hang around Adoption centres looking for Mommies, they always want H.C mommies and steal their furni and creds, so they can be H.C without even having to pay.

They dress like:
Hair- Bald, or pigtails for girls
Chubby faces with little pink noses
Hoodies (reason- for girls, they have no breasts, boys-no idea)
Shorts or skirt
Bunny slippers

I usually adopt them, then i'm really mean to them. Sometimes they cant stick to being "babies".
Me: Hello little girl, are you newborn?
Habbo Baby: Wessy
Me; Do you need adopted?
Baby: Wessy
Me: Well, too bad sucka! *hits with baseball bat*
Baby: WAAAAAAAH (10 times)

Me: Ewww, what an ugly baby
Baby: Mommy!
Mom: It's okay honey
Baby: *sits in your lap and cries*
Me: Pathetic baby *shoots baby*
Baby: *Kicks to floor* Ha ha
Me: Your the most pathetic baby i've ever seen!

Baby: Will ywou adwopt mwe?
Me: Sure sweetie
Baby: Yaay!
(at home)
Me: *kicks you down stairs*
Baby: Waaaah!
Me: *Jumps on you*
Baby:Mwummy! Stwop! *whacks mummy*
Me: You're crap at pretending to be a baby!
(baby gets kicked)
by Crazysophhun July 15, 2009
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When a boy and a girl (or two boys or girls if they're gay) start dating on Habbo. They usually do not and never will know each other in real life, but they do "real life" activities, such as going on dates, having sex, getting married and "having" babies. Overall, habbo dating isnt that bad, but personally I dont do it much, i'd rather have a real boyfriend than a habbo one.
Habbo boy: Hi, you're really cute
Habbo girl: *blushes* Thank you
Habbo boy: Will you be my girlfriend?
Habbo girl: Sure, lets have sex!

Boy: So Larry, is it true that you have a girlfriend?
Other Boy: Yeah, course!
Boy: Whats her name?
Other Boy: (says her habbo name)
Boy: Ohmygod, Larry, you're habbo dating!
Other Boy: Yeah, so?
by Crazysophhun July 15, 2009
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