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Humps per second(HPS) is a universal measurement that measures ones humps per second. The average HPS in North America is 4.2-5.1 HPS. It is illegal to cross international borders with an HPS over 6.8.
Did you see Joe with those 2 girls in the tent. Ya I swear his HPS is almost 9. That's amazing!
by Bobbyboucher69 March 20, 2017
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Horny Prostitute Syndrome, an illness that most white girls suffer from from the ages of 13-24, they begin to think that they are hott while dancing because guys are staring at them( because they dance weird, not that they're good or anything)
The world isn't ready for unnecisary HPS maybe when your older
by HottbloodGirlAFDreamz March 23, 2005
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Homework Paralysis Syndrome

Occurs when you just cant do your homework. It's not the fact that your homework is hard, its just the fact that you're too lazy to do it.
Guy 1: I have a lot of homework to do
Friend: So why dont you do it?...
Guy:I have hps
Friend: oh, that makes sense
by Viewtiful Bro November 15, 2005
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The abbreviation for a type of bulb know as "High Pressure Sodium". It is well-known in horticultural groups. Especially cannabis growers because he spectrum it emits is perfect for use during the flowering cycle of cannabis plants
"My Afghani has been flowering for 4 weeks under a 400w HPS."
by Narcissus July 13, 2004
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Horse Person Syndrome, or HPS is a human disorder found among persons within equestrian communities.
Bob: Carol just sold her horse to me and expects still expects to be able to visit her it whenever she feels like it.

Jon: Well what do you expect? She's HPS.
by jonwalled November 28, 2016
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Holland Park School
The whitest school you can think of.
The head teacher, Mr Hall is a bald headed twat and the teachers are either gay or pedos
“hey do you go hps”
“yeah i can’t wait to leave THAT fucking hellhole
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High Priestess: the supreme leader of a small neo-pagan group, esp. a coven.
The HP consults with the HPS, but is subordinate to her.
by HuachucaKid February 26, 2019
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