Heinous Pig. Usually the fattest ugliest woman in a bar. The one you will take home when you've had 1000 beers.
Hey Baz, check out that HP in the corner, that's yours.
by gaylen farquhar January 13, 2009
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Hewlett Packard; Otherwise refered to as Heeping Pile, or crap.
Don't expect to reformat your Heeping Pile, the software to Windows is on the computer, so when you reformat it, you loose it, nice job, Heeping Pile!
by Joshua List November 28, 2003
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H.P - stand for " homo penis "

word towards to sexual men lol
or calling a friend a loser , dick , fag etc.

maid up word :D but , funnny.
" the loser is deffinily a HP "

" lucas , you such a HP you loser ! "
by Rodolfo M. (: August 31, 2009
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1. A reference to Highland Park,Pittsburgh.
2. Although it's just a shortened version that local youngin's and outsiders commonly use, it is also a representative of the many random acts of vandalism within the area.
3. Since it is also the best-kept secret in Pittsburgh, many refer to activities going on as an HP-what-have-you.
4. Also is used by the HP Boyz when recording.
1. "Hey guys, I'm bored. Let's head over to HP."
2. "Did you see that HP stuff sprayed all over the pavilions?"
3. "I heard about an HP party goin' down later," or "I'm hungry, let's go to the HP BBQ."
4. "HP BOYZZ!!"
by ilrev June 09, 2008
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Horsepower - The measurement of power an engine can produce. 1 horsepower is equal to 33,000 foot-pounds of work per minute.

Hewlett Packard - A shitty computer company that sells horrible computers to college kids with little or no money or computer knowledge.

House of Parliament - A building in the United Kingdom and a tasty barbeque sauce!

Hit Points - In gaming, the amount of life a character has.
Horsepower - My sr20det produces more horsepower than your car!

Hewlett Packard - I feel sorry for anyone who owns an HP.

House of Parliament - The house that I wish I lived in!

Hit Points - Most RPG games have characters whose life is based on the amount of hit points he/she has.
by Kev23 September 30, 2005
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