Something else to call your Jeep. Typically used when the Jeep is Broken. Comes from Heep of shit.
We have to wait while the Heep owner swaps out a D35 shaft.
by MJ4life January 25, 2005
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heep- having a lot of something
If you do that you'll get in a whole heep of trouble.
Boy go on ahead and get a heeping helping of them taters.
by sight October 21, 2006
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some who is real exta hype
the fat bol was really heep over the new Mcdonalds sandwhich
by AishaM April 23, 2006
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To stick a wet object, usually finger, down someone's asshole while they are sleeping.
He gave me a good heapin' last night at the party after I passed out.
by joe s August 28, 2005
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A vague universal word that is applied in random conjunctures of a sentence or as a single word replacing emotional expressions. When used in a sentence, the word in which was replaced, is being expressed as an important or epicenter of the thought. Word can also be used to close unfinished thoughts due to disgust or boredom of current sentence. Commonly used as a replacement for overly used curse words.

Word's origin is from the results of a typo during a game of deathmatch doom2 via 9600 baud modem.
HEEP! You see that curdle?
What the heep?
That rocket just, heep...
My car is heeped, so I need to wash it.
by Lamer810 April 30, 2009
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Heep (n) (v) (adj) - 1.yes ! no ! what ?! 2. replaces a word "she was heeping all over the world" 3. used in awkward situations; when wordless. 4. excitement
heep !

oh my god.. you heeped so loud.. i heard you !

aw heep (:

..uhm heep ?!

by dmoney&youngc September 10, 2008
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