To wipe all of the information off a computer and reinstall the operating system.
I've gotta reformat my computer; it just has too much junk on it.
by Meekong February 16, 2005
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When you need to reinstall or reformat a whole hard drive. This many happens to horny people who use there computer as a viewing screen for PORNO, and more PORNO. This is when the porn you are looking at in laced with spyware and you need to reformat the hard drive to fix the computer
Zach had to reformat his computer since he looked at porno all day.

Zach loved the porn, but downloaded spyware that he thought was pron and had to reformat he's crapy pc
by madJesus January 27, 2008
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To wipe out all information, including work and harmfull file types, and restore your pc to its original condition in which you very first brought it and opened it.
Gekotec: I reformatted my pc. It had so much virus and spyware on it, i just had to wipe it clean. Dude, it runs so fast now.

SloppyJoe: Yea man, my computer needs some reformatting.

Janice: You can do that? I just brought a new pc. 5% off!!!

SloppyJoe/Gekotec: Oh, Boy.
by Kyaa! July 30, 2006
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To give someone a good beating; to teach someone a lesson by using force.
"Fool, I'll reformat your ass if you don't shut the fuck up"
by Ivna June 24, 2005
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