v. The act of penetrating a female vagina when the latter is in a state of reduced lubrication. Penetration may result in penile and/or vaginal tearing.
Jason: "Sarah, you seem a little dry, should I slap on some lube"

Sarah: "Hell ya, I don't want you to drywall me!"
by terminal2 July 11, 2008
To commit the sexual deed of anal intercourse without the use of lubrication.
"Hey yo, I drywalled this dirty ho last night"
by Dil March 7, 2005
A degree of getting ripped-off past "getting taken up the ass" or "getting screwed." The person cheating the other is not only "taking them up the ass," but are doing so without the consideration of even applying lubricant. It truly doesn't get any worse.
"Man, that salesman just drywalled me on that deal."


"He screwed me over when he sold me his atari, but not throwing in the games is just drywalling me."
by JoeGamble August 27, 2007
Old woman pussy,, Or the act of having sex with an old woman over the age of 50
My uncle said he is sick of having sex all he wants is becky with the old lady cause all thats left after menopause is drywall
by ack78 August 17, 2012
A strange derivitive of the word, "cool." Commin within the northwestern states of the U.S.
"That was drywall."

by allatropic February 8, 2007
The main power source of noses, without drywall we would smell nothing. ~Trust Me~
"Whats for dinner?"
"Use your nose!"
"This house is made of brick though!!It has no drywall for my nose to run on!"
by Christopher Hewson May 14, 2006
To buy drugs but instead receive a look-a-like substance. Comes from the practice of selling drywall to crack addicts during the crack epidemic.
Steve opened his bag of weed just to realize he had been drywalled and bought $20 worth of oregano.
by 56k March 15, 2011