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The term "McMansion" describes any spread out, land eating, mass produced house (AKA single family "home"), most likely made of brick and having a multi-layered roofline/frontage that faces the far away street. It is of the sort most common for the last two decades in the U.S.

They could be (and most often are it seems) only one to one and one half stories, but very rarely exceed 2 to 2 1/2 stories. They range in price from middle income to upper upper income (anything that's over 500K (in most of the interior southeast/midwest) should be designed by an architect anyway.

We can blame our upwardly mobile, disposable national culture, the housing bubble, and to some degree HGTV for perpetuting this phenomenon.

Other space eaters that contribute to suburban/metropolitan sprawl include the ranch house/rambler, the patio home
, and the "florida house."

With any luck, the oil crash will make livestock pens out of these architectural mistakes.
The only type of house those greedy developers seem to build in this metropolitan area is the mcmansion.

The mcmansion seems to go hand in hand with the big box retailers

What was canopied country roads, split rail fences, primeval groves of trees, storied woods, charming old houses, and truck farms when I was a kid have been replaced by edge cities and all that come with them. Eg, multi-lane highways, plop-down architecture (anything that is very dulled down and closely related to the large motor vehicles that use them), and mcmansions
by Miskatonic Jack July 01, 2006
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1)A selfish sleazy male, albeit one who has trouble hiding who he really is. A wolf sans the sheeps clothing, if you will, invading the henhouse.

2)A primitive form of iron.

3)A derogatory term for a cop or police officer. My grandfather called them the "fuzz."

4)A sloppy, disgusting person who actually has control over their demeanor.

5)A compulsive overeater; a glutton. Similar to number one only with food instead of poontang.

6)Mimi Bobek's nickname for Drew Carey's character.

7)A person thought to be unattractive by society who becomes the victim of a cruel joke at a surprise party of the same name.

8)Swine. Hog, boar (male), sow (female). A form of livestock that eats slop or kitchen scaps has a corkscew tail, a mostly hairless body, pointed ears, a longish flat nose, and snorts. On Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome their "shit" supplied the electricity for Bartertown.
1)Young anonymous female: All men are pigs, I'm sick and tired of dealing with them! It will be much more rewarding if I go lesbian.

4)yechhhh! Wipe your face off and use a fork! You're such a fucking pig! YUCK!

5)don't invite Doug to the party, he will lay waste to the free food table. I mean, what a PIG!

7)the popular kids invited Linda and several other girls to what turned out to be a pig party. They were more or less traumatized.

8)Mountain Man: I'm gonna make you squeal like a pig. Weeeeeeee!
Bobby: Weee!
Mountain Man: Weeeeeeee!
Bobby: Weee!
Mountain Man: Looks like we got us a sow here instead of a boar.
by Miskatonic Jack January 28, 2006
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A common abbeviation for "all terrain, vehicle."
A 4 wheeled vehicle, typically used by ignorant rednecks, to ride across all sorts of land, both private and public. Their passtime tends to cause soil erosion as they more or less destroy everything in their path. And while what is left of our remaining arable land continues to get paved over for patio homes, strip malls, office campuses, freeways arterials and other highways (see roads), and other assorted suburban sprawl, the ATV riders are continually at odds with farmers, environmentalists, consevationists pagans and others who actually have a respect for the land.
Oh f*ck! That ATV driver just flattened all the produce in our organic community garden, now we are screwed.
by Miskatonic Jack October 02, 2005
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Home and Garden Television

The TV station that encourages the same conformity, wastefulness, shallow attitudes, irresponsability, mMaterialism, and rootlessness that has been pandemic in the USA for decades. Sister station to TLC and to some extent the Discovery Channel and A&E (it used to be none of these used to suck).

Typified by such awful shows as Designed to Sell, Curb Appeal, House Hunters, and worst of all My Parents House.
All I ever see on that damned HGTV are people sending all the old furnishings/architectural details, and long established plantings to the landfill (but only after destroying them thouroughly).

The people who watch HGTV are mostly a bunch of sheep and probably watch Fox News as well.

by Miskatonic Jack July 01, 2006
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What happens when all of the plants are bulldozed out of a specific area, most severe where there are hills and mountains.
A common sight in the Amazon Rainforest region, Hawaii, Appalacia, Tasmania, Africa, and metropolitan areas all across the USA.
Commonly caused by strip mining, clearcutting, the overgrazing of livestock (especially beef cattle), and evil greedy developers.
This used to be a lush, old growth forest. Thanks to soil erosion, now it looks more like the Grand Canyon.
by Miskatonic Jack October 02, 2005
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