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A beautiful girl who doesn't know that she's beautiful, and even insists on denying it. Beautiful here doesn't refer to her physical appearance; she may be incredibly sexy but her heart is her true treasure. She's soft and tender like the inside of a rose, she's reserved and closed like its outside. On the outside a rose's color is faded, on the inside it is the most beautiful and passionate color of red seen by man. Her thorns stubbornly draw blood to resist human touch and they succeed at keeping people away. She doesn't let her guard down easily because she refuses to show glimpses of her vulnerable beauty to those who don't deserve it. Don't let her innocent smile fool you, it hides the deepest secrets. Don't let her sweet eyes fool you, they're fearless. If you are worthy, she alone will let you inside her heart. If you are worthy, she will love you like no other, and you will heal.
Person 1: Maaan I thought she was into me but it turns out she's not. I can't figure her out. She confuses me.

Person 2: She's Hala, what do you expect?
by rayanh93 July 17, 2018
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Hala is a gorgeous girl - some people don’t see it that way because they’re too busy chasing someone else - however, any Hala you meet will be stunning. She has the longest eyelashes you will ever see, and the most warming little smile is a gift from her to you. You will never meet anyone with a sweeter smile than Hala. Other than being pretty, Hala has the biggest heart. When she’s so hungry, and she sees people looking at her food, she still offers them all of it. She also probably has a pet at home, because she adores animals and thinks they should be treated with so much respect. Everytime she sees a homeless person, she makes sure to give them food or money. Sure, Hala isn’t the sportiest, but she’s unbelievably fit and loves sports with all of her heart. Although she may not show it, Hala is the fastest girl you will probably meet. Moreover, the most social little butterfly is Hala. She has so many friends, but she knows one that knows everything about her and is her true best friend. Although Hala has a lot of sugar in her heart, when she needs to, she defends herself and stands up to people who don’t treat her with respect - she’s quite fierce. Therefore, if you meet Hala, don’t let go of her even if she isn’t the most popular girl, she’s a lot better than you think! Get to know her and she will be the loveliest diamond ever shone.
Hala is so amazing - I can’t explain it, why is she not the most loved person in the world? She’s so precious I love her!
by H Maj N May 16, 2018
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The most amazing person you will probably ever meet. Really good at dancing, funny, too sexy to even comprehend, just as smart as she is beautiful. Pretty pro-active with anything cool and helpful. If you don't already know a hala you should probably try and met one.
Duffy: Yo i meet this girl hala the other day.
Mowgli: Where too?
Duffy: At this sexy dance, human rights thing.
Mowgli: Sweet
by Mr.Mowgli February 23, 2010
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A filipino expression of dread. Can mean "Oh no!"
Can also be used in shock or surprise, often with something negative or astounding.
"Hala, nasira yung tv!"
meaning "Oh no, the TV's broken!"
"Hala! Umuulan na!"

meaning "Oh! It's raining!"
by silent-reader October 04, 2009
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