A beautiful girl who doesn't know that she's beautiful, and even insists on denying it. Beautiful here doesn't refer to her physical appearance; she may be incredibly sexy but her heart is her true treasure. She's soft and tender like the inside of a rose, she's reserved and closed like its outside. On the outside a rose's color is faded, on the inside it is the most beautiful and passionate color of red seen by man. Her thorns stubbornly draw blood to resist human touch and they succeed at keeping people away. She doesn't let her guard down easily because she refuses to show glimpses of her vulnerable beauty to those who don't deserve it. Don't let her innocent smile fool you, it hides the deepest secrets. Don't let her sweet eyes fool you, they're fearless. If you are worthy, she alone will let you inside her heart. If you are worthy, she will love you like no other, and you will heal.
Person 1: Maaan I thought she was into me but it turns out she's not. I can't figure her out. She confuses me.

Person 2: She's Hala, what do you expect?
by rayanh93 July 17, 2018
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to talk to ,to see
"yo' its geting late papa i have to go"
"aight halla at ya ma"
by ambezzy November 16, 2003
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It's an abbreviation for 'having a laugh attack.'

My cousin made it up like a minute ago.
Me: Dude, remember when we dropped the gum on the floor and picked it back up, even though it was covered in like dirt and other shit?
Me: Same!
by AwesomeAsianAmyBelle December 26, 2011
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Used usually when somone is trrying to talk game
A mami halla at me.
by Reggie October 10, 2003
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Have A Loose Ass, meaning your butt is not tight anymore, meaning something was probably stuck in your ass in order for it to get loose
Rienzo I heard you were with Sean last night, you HALA
by Billy Bob November 15, 2004
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A song by the k-pop boy group, ATEEZ, standing for 'Hearts Awakened, Live Alive'.
ATINY: "Have you heard 'HALA HALA' by ATEEZ? It's a bop!"

New ATINY: "Yeah, I have! I love that song, it's the song that got me into ATEEZ!"
by FanTAEstic March 16, 2019
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having a sudden urge to force all ur excitement and joy into one phase.
person 1-hey dude im so excited for tonight!!

person 2- yeah me too HALA HALA!
by tomm154 October 20, 2009
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