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To have no ass at all
damn that girl has noassatall
pronounced na-sa-tall
by reggie August 13, 2003

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What black people call the wind -- especially in Chicago.
Damn son, did you feel the hawk coming off the lake last night?
by Reggie November 24, 2003

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chump. sucker. uncool person.
"What are you hangin' wit this BUSTER for, man?"
by Reggie June 24, 2004

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just a normal lady who was in a relationship that had its ups and downs but who's private life was unfortunately public for all to judge.
people who dont know her calling her a whore, people taking lyric's too literally.
by reggie June 16, 2003

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Wild. Crazy.

Just as a dog would act if you let it off the chain.
Man, that party was OFF DA CHAIN last night!
by Reggie June 25, 2004

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A clumsy, uncoordinated dumbass who can't do ANYTHING right. The equivalent of a fuck-up.
Urkel is an example of a bungler, tripping over everything, before he became Stefan and shit.
by Reggie June 30, 2004

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giving head
penis in the mouth
by Reggie June 20, 2003

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