27 definitions by Reggie

a person who desires an exteremly large ammount of deep dicking.
That girl is a real chabon.
by Reggie October 24, 2003
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used in sessions where two or more people are engaged in a competition of name calling
You pumpernickle-neck oily-pimple-face having bastard
by Reggie March 31, 2004
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Long haired, hippie commy man with heart o' gold.
"It's not the size, I mean the size is nice and everything, but the form!"
by Reggie May 28, 2003
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To get hit. To get suckerpunched SO QUICKLY that you can't react to counter or duck.
"Ooh, that boy straight got stole!"
by Reggie June 25, 2004
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just a normal lady who was in a relationship that had its ups and downs but who's private life was unfortunately public for all to judge.
people who dont know her calling her a whore, people taking lyric's too literally.
by Reggie June 16, 2003
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To have no ass at all
damn that girl has noassatall
pronounced na-sa-tall
by Reggie August 13, 2003
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Acronym for "Phil Is A Wanker”.

PIAW originated in 1998 at Griffith University, Australia as an insult to a microelectronic engineering student by the name of Philip. It was generally assumed that the student in question regularly masturbated because of his inability to find a woman.

PIAW has since evolved into a generic insult with one notable derivation being DIAW, an acronym for “Davide Is A Wanker”.
Philip enters the engineer’s computer lab and is greeted by 20 fellow engineers shouting “PIAW!”
by Reggie November 26, 2004
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