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OMGOES is obsessively said by coaster geeks who have nothing better to do with their time than constantly go "OMGOES leik teh samri sux0rz teh b0yD”. Also, it is considered chavvy and therefore to be taking the piss out of chavs, but the geeks who say it end up so obsessed that they practically become chavs themselves. Conclusion: shut the fuck up.
"OMGOES leik teh samri sux0rz teh b0yD"
"OMGOES teh Thorpe Park rox0r"
"OMGOES its teh Slammer"
by Billy Bob January 6, 2005
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A secret millartary version of a kangaroo, has a number of different assets including:
-Rocket Pack
-A minigun which is stored in their poutch.
-X ray sun glasses
-Dont rob the bank we dont wanna mess with the scuzzwazza'z
-i heard MI5 have replaced their agents with scuzzwazzas
-Send in the scuzzwazza'z!!
by Billy Bob November 18, 2003
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Derivative of the word 'minton' where the person is caught up in an unfortunate incident and/or cirsumstance.
Man falls over...

"haha, look at him, he's a right munton! right gud!"
by Billy Bob March 24, 2005
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An Anchent God, Said to always ride into battle on the back of a Black Dragon (even though he had dragon wings of his own) and never lost a battle he was in.
by Billy Bob April 13, 2005
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a small town with alot of perfect families and unperfect families
billerica is a saburban hell
by Billy Bob October 10, 2003
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