67 definitions by Billy Bob

a small danish child who thinks he is a negro.
look at Tiny B blasting his subs yo!
by Billy Bob December 11, 2003
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A secret millartary version of a kangaroo, has a number of different assets including:
-Rocket Pack
-A minigun which is stored in their poutch.
-X ray sun glasses
-Dont rob the bank we dont wanna mess with the scuzzwazza'z
-i heard MI5 have replaced their agents with scuzzwazzas
-Send in the scuzzwazza'z!!
by Billy Bob November 18, 2003
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a boy who is a boy and is not horny or gay...........
Look theres shaurin.
by Billy Bob May 19, 2004
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a demented person or speacial needs
that daniel is a right spaz
by Billy Bob May 14, 2003
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"i'm gonna go get stonier"
by Billy Bob December 14, 2002
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a small town with alot of perfect families and unperfect families
billerica is a saburban hell
by Billy Bob October 10, 2003
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