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ATEEZ(also known as KQ Fellaz) is a 8 member male k-pop group under KQ entertainment.They debuted on October 24th, 2018 with their first mini album Treasure Ep.1 : All To Zero.The group consist’s of Hongjoong,Seonghwa,Yunho,Yeosang,San,Mingi,Wooyoung, and Jongho.
Hey you like ATEEZ?”
Hell yea I do”.
by ateez stan November 03, 2018
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ATEEZ is an eight-member kpop boy group that debuted in October 2018 with "Pirate King." Their members are Kim Hongjoong--leader, shortest, dancer, rapper, producer, composer (he can sing too), Park Seonghwa--oldest, visual (although basically all of them are visuals so) vocalist, dancer, Jeong Yunho--tallest, vocalist, THIGHS, dancer, Kang Yeosang-- (absolute cutie We Love Him he deserves more lines) vocalist, visual, dancer, beautiful, big ears, FRIEND OF WOOYOUNG, Song Mingi--rapper, deep ass voice, dancer, THIGHS, tall, Choi San--plushie named Shiber, dancer, vocalist, crackhead honestly, lOUD, FRIEND OF WOOYOUNG, Jung Wooyoung--short bby, LOUD, dancer, visual, vocalist, DID I MENTION LOUD, Choi Jongho--vocalist (Hot damn this boy can sING--), maknae, Strong Boi, can split fruit with his bare hands while singing ballads, im not lying, splitting apples is like breaking toothpicks to him, he can even do it with one hand

Our fandom name is ATINY, which is a combination of ATEEZ and Destiny

So far ATEEZ has produced three mini albums with two Title Songs and MVs each.

Their debut was Pirate King and Treasure
Second album Say My Name and Hala Hala (it stands for Heart Awakened, Live Alive)
Third and most recent album Wave and Illusion
and then they made a MV for Aurora, which was composed by Hongjoong.
"Have you heard of the new rookie group ATEEZ?"
"Yeah, they already have an international tour and two wins under their belts!"
by Cinder (CinDie) August 04, 2019
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Shall I say more?

No I shall not.

Perfection is enough to describe every member.

tHeY wIlL bLeSs YoUr EyEhOleS
Thank you.
And good bye.
“WOw is that Ateez??”

Yes it is ateez.”
“How can you tell so fast”

by a.ateez July 23, 2018
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Ateez, atease to your heart.

An 8 member boy group from KQ entertainment.

8 charming young men that shares one brain cell~

Stan Ateez and stream their songs
Random fan: are you a fan of ateez?

Atiny: Ateez who? I only know atease
by anonymous_chippy August 23, 2019
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The legendary kpop group consists of 8 members and a dog plush. Legend says if you stan this group, you'll be rich and can afford their future albums
Monica: Dude do you know Ateez?
Shana: heck yeah I do, I'll be rich one day
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by Choisan99 August 02, 2018
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Ateez is a group of 8 handsome and loving men 🥺 they are very energetic and crazy 😂 but they will always find a way to make someones day 🥺
i love ateez so much. theyre so funny!
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by mnivhj February 10, 2020
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