The act of overreacting to a situation, or to respond to a situation in an odd, or uncalled for manner.
Why is he acting like that it's not even that serious, oh he big guessing.
by Big_Guessin April 1, 2020
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Quirky remark made to interupt someone before they answer a question, often causing laughter and lightening the mood.

Author: Sarah K.
Sarah: Have you seen my keys?

Zach: Whe...

Sarah: Guess not!

Zach: did you put them last?
by Gorgnad August 18, 2009
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one of the best clothing companies... also sells purses, shoes, jewelry, etc... and has hot models
by Samar February 3, 2004
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When someone says I'll smack you up

you say you're guessing af.
by Fhee June 7, 2016
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A jean company, that makes other stuff too, but is mainly known for jeans. Isn't as cool as it was in the early and mid 90s
"OMG, casey your Guess jeans and bracelet are so cute, but they are also so 1995"
by AdidasAngel775 January 19, 2004
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A clothing company that markets its brand various demographics. Got nailed for its use of sweat shops and suffered consumer backlash - though Guess? is gaining brand momentum again.
Need overpriced low-quality clothing manufactured in sweat shops? Guess? is just the brand for you.
by Urbepedia December 17, 2008
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Typically amongst familiars, to doubt another's credibility, judgment or information via a snap-question. Such inquiry is to be summarily dismissed with a return question to the effect of "Why are you guessin' me?"
"Are you sure McRib is back?"

"Dude, would I have driven us to McDonald's if it wasn't?? Why you tryin to guess me?? Always tryin to guess somebody."

Are you sure pi equals 3.14? I thought it was 3.17 bar.

"Why you guessin me??" "Money, you couldn't guess me with an abacus!!"

by Black Popeye October 24, 2008
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