by Whe 2.0 December 11, 2018
"whe" is used to ask for someone that is somewhere. It combinds "who" with "where".
most commonly used on the Internet
Unknowledged Person - "whe is Starbucks?"
person. 2 - "Oh! Starbucks is a big company which sells different kinds of coffee.
You can find them next street, on the left side.
by Cherriecheap December 27, 2016
A faster way of saying "when" often used in mumble rap to stay on beat or to save time.
by Nicotine-Free Vape-Juice March 18, 2019
whe (pronounced: way) not sure how to use it in a sentence but if i were to guess i would say: Are you o whe? probably the most useful word i've found
are you o whe?

Whe have you been?
by qwertaqwerta October 4, 2019