This guy is the funniest person ever. He is like magnet for girls. If a girl sees this guy, she will be in love. He is also a really fast person.
That guy has all the girls. He must be a Samar.
by Jonathanos February 28, 2021
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A beautiful lady who has the kindest heart but tries to portray herself as a strong woman. She is usually very sexy but modest enough to try to hide it. Samars do not care about what people think yet they care about people so they do whatever possible to please them. They are honest and loyal. Samars are the ideal women.
Man 1: what kind of women are you looking to marry?
Man 2: A Samar yo. I need a Samar!
by 4thofjuly September 21, 2011
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Samar is a lovely and pretty girl who can sometimes be silly and make people laugh, she can be annoying in times but is a great and buff girl. She is often lazy.
Good girlfriends are a Samar
by Flora..Stella November 7, 2016
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She is always there for the people she loves , but she hide her love.Samar grows up independent but sometimes she trys to be dependent.She learns very quick from others, neverthless she does what is on her mind.She is calm, pretty and can be wild and crazy.Often without any reasons.She loves changes.Nobody can change her mood.When she gets angry and sad.You get the feeling that she hasn't any feelings because she can get over things very quickly.She is smart and she rarely needs help.She can change people with her kindness and love.She can listen and many people love her but she doesn't open up easily to others.
Samar is in the day the summer and in the night the moon
by SisterSusu May 2, 2018
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An Egyptian Name meaning "Queen Of Gucci"
Women 1: Hey Samar you should get those new gucci shoes.

Samar: I already have them.
by ~>Mr.Poetic<~ February 13, 2008
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Woman of amazing amounts of purity, love, caring and tenderness and deserving of respect, honor and admiration.
Mother Teresa was a Samar.
by TSFT February 4, 2010
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