Being in a state of absolute Grind.
The bag comes first. Everything outside of the bag is a distraction. In order to obtain the bag, one must have a Grindset mentality.
In order to grind, you must be in the grindset mode, otherwise, you're just playing yourself.
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When you have the mindset of being on the grind.
I just need to get in the right grindset to prepare for the upcoming work week.
by BrotatoChip.exe July 17, 2021
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The grind mindset. Used by sigma males and crypto moguls.
Guy: Society
Everyone: He’s got the trillionaire grindset
by cabinceiler June 23, 2021
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noun: The state of mind one puts oneself in, in order to outperform fears, insecurities, doubts, and anxieties, to achieve the seemingly impossible and step into their greatness.
I must get my grindset on to out preform all betas.
by big-dong motivation September 11, 2021
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School starts pretty soon, so I need to get back into the grindset.
by Skatershoes August 6, 2019
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The mindset that any dream and goal can be achieved by putting 110% effort, working hard, and giving all you have in. Sure some people might have genetic advantages in terms of IQ, physical fitness, etc etc, but anyone can be the top mark of their class, the best in their school's sport teams, the best guitar player in a band, the greatest with ladies, etc. if they put time and effort and out-work others. Be the first person in the gym when your mates are in bed dreaming, you are making your dream a reality.
Jamal to his homie: bro, if we both continue grinding and keep our grindset mentality, we both will be in the HS's football team this year and can get a full-ride college scholarship easily. See you at the gym tomorrow (Saturday) and the day after tomorrow (Sunday) at 5 am, ok bro?
by LexicalBoomer May 11, 2022
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When you take less than 5 minutes to take a huge poop on the toilet
Guy A: How’d that dude take less than 5 minutes to drop that Hiroshima of a deuce?

Guy B: it’s the Sigma Grindset. You can master anything with it!
Guy C: *comes out of bathroom and winks at guy A*
by Sigma Male Overachiever July 30, 2021
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