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An action that asserts dominance over someone or reverts a perceived power dynamic without causing any real harm
Teacher: can you turn off the lights for the projector?
Student: I don’t know, can I?
(That would be a powermove)
by Skatershoes July 13, 2019

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A type of relationship, particularly between a romantic couple, in which each person expects the other to make the next move. Relationships like these die slow and painful deaths, and continue to lurk in the shadows of one’s mind for eternity.
We never really broke up. We just had a “no you hang up” relationship.
by Skatershoes July 23, 2019

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An acronym for...
1. Shallow insecure materialist pervert
2. Shrek is my prince
3. Stop, I might puke
Person 1: Hey simp!
Person 2: oh no.
by Skatershoes May 24, 2020

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The grinding mindset
School starts pretty soon, so I need to get back into the grindset.
by Skatershoes August 06, 2019

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