Gremlin - (noun)
1. A malfunction or cause of error, blamed on a mischievous gnome.

gremlin - (proper noun)
1. Those scary ass guys from the movie 'Gremlins'. They are about 1ft in height. If they get wet, more gremlins emerge from their back. If they are feed after midnight, they turn evil. The most famous gremlin is Gizmo. They look a lot like furbys.
1. My airplane crashed, must have been those gremlins.
2. Gizmo is the cutest gremlin I have ever seen
by Sheepz June 09, 2003
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Making weird or distractive noices revolving around food.
Being generally weird and always hungry and wanting foods such as chocolate or spaghetti bolognese!
omg you are such a gremlin! don't do the gremlin noise!
by shnookspoutgremlmyindiegalpal January 05, 2012
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A short acne covered child with a large head and odd straggles of facial hair on his chin. This particular species is not welcomed amongst the human race but remains with them for no particular reason. Often bragging about there abilities to smoke weed and have very little friends. They usually hide in places such as under beds or in you closet.

Be warned ladies these creatures will attempt to flirt with you. Avoid eye contact and touching any part of the body
gremlins gremlins gremlins we dont have any gremlins in this class
by David Mcgee November 01, 2009
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When your nipples harden and the outline can be seen through your shirt

It is rumored that this use was inspired by a picture of a girl who was experiencing this problem while wearing a shirt from the 1984 movie "Gremlins"

The use of this word has become popular because most people (or guys for that matter) don't know what it means, so you can say it to your friend without being so blunt as to say "I can see your nipples."
Dude, gremlins!

Katie! Your gremlins are showing!
by Delilah2685 March 06, 2007
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Putting your forearms flat against you thighs bending over and running around at people you don't know with your tongue sticking out.
by Toiletpaper Sue March 15, 2005
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A maker of mischief; me(for I am popularly known both on and off -line as GrEmLiN - note that I used the name before alt. caps became a n00bish thing)

An evil little creature which tends to radiate bad luck. (Me again)

Small green creature usually blamed for faults in electronic equipment, mainly airplanes.

Mischievous creatures appearing in the popular 80s films 'Gremlins' and 'Gremlins 2' - Two of my personal favorites.

NOTE: Gremlins were the creatures spawned from the Mogwai(Gizmo) - GIZMO WAS NOT A GREMLIN. Gizmo was a Mogwai, and Gremlins are formed(the process begins instantaniously) when a Mogwai comes in contact with water, or is fed after midnight.

A Gremlin was also a nice 2 door sedan but some refer to it as a hatchback, although the VIN coding system refers to it as a non-hatchback, made by American Motors Corp. (AMC) in the 70s. I have two myself.

http://www.gremlinx.com/ is a good reference site.

AMC also owned Jeep until 1988, when Chrysler bought them out for the Jeep name. AMC was formed in 1957 when Nash and Hudson merged.



"Gremlins are make-believe!" -Homer J. Simpson

Gremlins(the car) are usually hated upon for a "dorky" look, when reality they are very nice works of art.

Both the car and the creature Gremlins are pretty popular too. Used in many cartoons, movies, television commercials etc.
by GrEmLiN December 17, 2003
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