1.)A person who is acting like some sort of creature.
2.)Someone who is really ugly.
1.)Why are you crawling llike that? You're such a gremlin.
2.)Damn, thatt boy looks like a Gremlin!
by ShawtyyMacc November 17, 2010
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Children, who for some reason, have parents that can't give them enough attention. If you are kind to them, they'll come to your home, eat all your food, fuck up your property, test your sanity then go home pouting when you finally insist. Their parents are none the wiser. These kids usually tell really bad lies.
"There are some people I'd like to have over, but their kids are gremlins. It's not worth the headache."
by MadamexXx March 14, 2009
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an incredibly annoying short step-grandparent, who always thinks they are right and always consider themselves to be above everyone else
Grandpa bob was being a gremlin to grandma winnie today, he kept correcting everything she was doing.
by h2o82 October 23, 2013
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A fat, short big tits and sagy ass girl. Doesn't ever have a great face.
Dude did you see steve is going out with a gremlin
by J Brunz February 11, 2012
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you can see gremlins if you are in a bathtub in the Mystical Thatched House of Pube, near the evil elf forest of Pubical features. Gremlins can sometimes be helpful, sometimes they can be spiteful if you have been smoking too much pot. if you are ever poked by a gremlin's magical nightstick, get yourself to a cupboard as fast as you can and listen to banana phone for ten hours.
'i'm a happy gremlin in the bathtub of glee'
'we gremlins shall save you from the evil elves in the Pubical Forest'
by ginger_licker November 28, 2005
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Gremlin originated from the smash box office hit “Gremlins” in 1984. Took new meaning when an individual known as JPL (22 years of age; part owner and manager of Shoppers Café, Waltham, MA.) was labeled for resembling the character in the movie. The true Gremlin comes out not at midnight, but after consuming at pint of Jack Daniels and hitting the ski slopes (Yinnngggggg yingg) for weekends at a time.

Gremlins are known to have an aggressive sexual record of sleeping with over 50 girls of all various sizes, ages, and at least one best friend’s sister (2002 MIAA D-1 Hockey State Finals after party 1:23am). White –top mountain ranges around the genital area although a common feature, is not mandatory for all Gremlin’s to have. Gremlins, although very crazy and seek trouble, do become the life of party and generate quality quotes for the next day when things are back to normal.
A true Gremlin will bang my future daughters best friend the day she turns 18. Thats the final goal of a Gremlin

by SPL August 07, 2006
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Annoying kid who surfs with the big lads, they let him tag along but dont really like him, makes a good target for practical jokes and name calling. Also known as a grommet, a gremmy or a todd.
by MATTY May 29, 2004
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