Analagous to their malevolent movie counterparts, the modern-day Gremlin is most often found on weekends in between the hours of 1800 and 0400. When in its passive form, the Gremlin is most often a well-intentioned and meaningful contributor to society. However, when provoked (usually by means of an ex-girlfriend or obnoxious fool at the bar), the Gremlin first becomes forlorn and introspective, then mischevious, and in some cases violent.

If you encounter a fully manifested Gremlin, you are advised to stay clear (especially when the Gremlin is in a doorway). If you feel the need to intervene, it has been said a trip to Burger King can passify the creature.

The Gremlin will return to its natural state by morning, usually feeling embarassed and apologetic.
"Ryan and Pat went so Gremlin last night. They painted Blaine's car!"

"If you don't call me back I am going to go Gremlin."
by number1__ April 11, 2010
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The gremlin is a furry critter that will use her petit stature and nubile appearance to gain the trust of others. Upon making the mistake of trusting a gremlin, she will then lurk in dark corners and attack at any given moment. This evil hobbit will engage in acts of deceit and general tomfoolery as a means of social interaction. Characteristics of the gremlin will include:
-Rage blackouts
-Violent attacks from behind, especially on the knees
-Full speed bodychecks
-Stealing food from gardens
-The belief that she is average height, when she is in fact, gremlin height
-The use of such phrases as "frig-a-mug" and "go S a D"
Ryan: Hello, I was just calling regarded your --- OW
Gremlin: hahaha hahaha hahaha (runs away)
Ryan: I think that gremlin just took out my legs
by VictimOfTheGremlin August 25, 2009
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Gremlins are usually small people under 5'6.They are known as kind and outgoing but will turn shy when asking for help or asking for anything in general.They are also known as "Small Beans".They usually stick to sweet foods and enjoy baking.They are known for sucking at video games but still play to enjoy the game.Some of them enjoy pink but are to embaressed to admit it.Gremlins are some of the sweetest girls and you'll be lucky to find one.XxWARNING!xX She will steal your hoodies!
"That girl is such a Gremlin!"
"I wish i had a Gremlin!"
by Xx_Queen_xX June 06, 2018
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A small ginger creature, usually found in a darkened room eating ham sandwiches. She sleeps for most of her life and only wakes to scuttle to the kitchen to make a sandwich. Gremlins can be located in the London area and on a quiet night you can here the high pitch cackle when she is amused. By all means stay out of Gremlins way in the mornings.
AKA Hey Yasmin is such a massive gremlin, it's 4.30 and she isn't out of bed yet. And she hasn't washed for a week. Ewwwwwwwwwww. Is that a ham sandwich I spy?
by gremlincatcher December 14, 2011
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A Gremlin is a woman who a man likes to fuck but doesn't want to go out past dark to eat with......because shes a beast to look at or emotionally unstable.
Dude I was balls deep in Nicole this afternoon, but I had to bail befor the sun went down....shes a total gremlin yo......
by Melvin MILF September 05, 2011
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Making weird or distractive noices revolving around food.
Being generally weird and always hungry and wanting foods such as chocolate or spaghetti bolognese!
omg you are such a gremlin! don't do the gremlin noise!
by shnookspoutgremlmyindiegalpal January 05, 2012
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