(1) A mythical little craeture
which were the scourge to pilots in World War II.
(2) A popular car made by AMC Motors back in the 1970's.
(1) A cartoon starring Bugs Bunny had him at odds with a Gremlin who wanted to sabatoge a bomber plane.

(2) Man! You're STILL driving that gremlin?
by BruinKiller3469 March 30, 2009
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The small pieces of weed that sometimes don't get smoked because they got stuck to the top inside edges of your bowl.
Me: "yo don't let those Gremlins go to waste"

Qbert: "ferrrr sure dude I'll pack another bowl"
by Nuggahdamus February 11, 2011
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Small, fuzzy, dangerous as your girlfriend. If you see a gremlin, run like hell. If a gremlin sees you, you're dead meat (see fucked).
Dude.....thats a gremlin isn't it?
Yeah, we're pretty much fucked now.
by Gremlin Cheese July 26, 2003
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a very cool little car, made by AMC in the 1070's. most commonly called a pimp's car. made because of its light weight,ability to outrun police cars, and pimp those ladies.
aw dude, i saw a yellow gremlin in the parking lot today... whoever drives that MUST be a pimp!
by car-man October 16, 2003
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a name givin to a short person who can be very cunning and fragile

usually under 5'5
"can't believe you have to look up to talk to me, you're such a gremlin"
by cabbagedhead June 20, 2017
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the one friend who you need to feed constantly but not at midnight ( they will still beg for it DON'T give in).just give them what they want and they will be quite
you a gremlin
by JESUS_motherfrickn_CHRIST January 11, 2020
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A girl that seems very attractive and cute until the "brightlights" come on at the club and you realize that she is a horrible disfigured monster.
I was talking to this bitch at the club and then the whoa lights came on and that bitch was a Gremlin.
by dirkdiggler9969 April 24, 2009
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