to have sex with someone who's married to someone else. refers to the NFL rule of tampering, when a team negotiates contract talks with a player already on another teams roster.
Guy1: dude, i totally banged that married chick lastnight!

Guy2: dude, that's full on tampering. not cool.
by JayFl!p April 24, 2009
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to interfere with, to meddle
It's important not to tamper with unknown chemicals in a science lab.
by Rocking4god April 12, 2007
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getting some sex; knowing that your significant or someone you know got some.
"why you smiling? did you get tampered with?"
by mceja June 22, 2009
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a person who prefers people much younger as lovers
watch out for that tamperer
by dev November 5, 2004
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to fondle with a member of the fairer sex, to touch her tits or fanny
I ulled a slut last night I didnt shag her just let her tamper with my cock
by Pablo Escobar January 11, 2004
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Tampered Threads: Adjective/Slang
It's used to describe an article of clothing that looks really dope. Usually, it's a unique thrifted piece, that's almost impossible to find anywhere.

History of Tampered Threads:

This word originated during the rise of thrifting -fits, at a time when people started to care about the overwhelming market of Fast Fashion and clothing waste around the world - from over consumption. These people are inspired by the past craftsmanship of clothing and appreciate the pieces that were once were (new threads) and now carry another story of glory and pride from people nationwide. In other words.. dope ass clothes.

Synonyms: Fresh, Dapper, Dappress, Cool, & Dope, Trendy.
Person 1: "Dayyymmn Bro, where'd you find that Tampered Thread at?"

Person 2: At
by The Goat Spoke January 12, 2021
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Shit Tamper; a quere, a homo, a butt pirate or rump ranger. Any male that butt fucks another male.
Look at Peter over there, he is the epitomy of a shit tamper!!!
by duster73 January 29, 2014
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