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Small town in the Southeastern U.S state of Tennessee. Well known for its poor education system, high rate of teen pregnancy, incest, illiteracy, racism, redneck trailer trash, and ignorant pieces of crap who hump bibles all the time. In Greeneville, there are many fun things to do, such as go to church, go to church, go to church, go work in a factory, go to school, go to church, go get high and cruise around a fucking parking lot in a strip mall, go to church, go to church, go to a KKK rally, or go to walmart. Yee haw.
Many people live in Greeneville, and want out. These people are smart.
Many people live in Greeneville, and stay there because the lord jesus told them to. These people take meth.
by trapped in hicktown May 10, 2008
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A small town, in Eastern Tennessee, with basically nothing to do excluding church, Walmart, high school football games, a strip mall known as The Commons, trespassing, muddin, drag racing, a third-rate bowling alley, and a closed down skating rink. Most people who want to have fun just drive to nearby Johnson City, also known as the homosexual capitol of the Southeastern US. Known for historic crap and high school sports.
Greeneville High School may have a decent football team, but Scott Niswonger is their sugar daddy

Boy: You wanna go do somethin tonight?
Girl: like what?

Boy: I dunno it's Greeneville so lets fuck:D
by Jason Aldean's lover October 12, 2011
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