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A city in NE Tennessee where people in the Abingdon/Bristol area go to find the stores and restaurants that everywhere else in the country has. It is often affectionately referred to as "Jesus City" or "the City of Johnson."
You know if you want to buy that we're going to be making a trip to Johnson City.
by maryla September 16, 2007
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A SMALL city in Northeast Tennessee that is full of hillbillys and rich people. You have either or. The people are in love with Nascar and will spend $1,000 just to go to Bristol track to see cars take 4 lefts. Boring,and nothing to do. Never move here.
Person 1- "I come from Johnson City, Tennessee."
Person 2- "Where is that at?''
Person 1- ''Do you know where Knoxville, Tennessee is?"
Person 2- ''Yeah.''
Person 1- ''It is about two hours from there.''
by ncljohnson96 February 10, 2011
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Basically they lock us up in this prison cell all day long with a bunch of cunty teachers who don't even know what their talking about. The "authority" there doesn't exactly follow the dress code seeing as the vice principle likes to wear shorter skirts than most of the hoes, but thats okay because she's a super nice lady, LOL JK, shes a bitch not to mention her partner in crime, a huge giant male with white hair thinks it's okay to stare at everyone and ruin there day. It's safe to say there isn't much higher than them though, they can't seem to find a principle, they keep quiting, really shows us how bad of a district we are. That's just the staff, lets talk about the students. One word, GHETTO, don't get me wrong I'm black, but I aint no ghetto ass black person like the rest of them. All you hear all day is screaming from the 100's of African's in the school who disrupt everyone, not to mention the 40 fights that happen daily because the ghettos can't seem to just realize there ghetto and stick together. I'm not racist because some black people here are normal, but most of them think they can just fight everyone. However, that's only problem, we also have a HOE problem partially blamed by these ghetto's. All these white girls think it's okay to bang multiple black men. These girls will fuck and suck till they have every STD out there, but that's okay all there parents do is put them on birth control and say it's okay hunny. ____ finish reading in example
Now on to problem number 3, why does half the school think it's cool to smoke WEED? I don't know, ask the 500 kids who come to school high every day and also use school time to sell there shit. Problem number 4, the people here are DUMB ASS SHIT. I mean seriously if your ghetto ,do drugs and your a hoe, why do you both even coming to school, you wont even make it to Burger King so just become a stripper, prostitute or pimp, it's all your probably gonna amount too. But I mean In general, if your looking to smoke weed, fuck easy white girls, watch ghetto people fight and see the disciplines do nothing about it, COME TO JOHNSON CITY.

John: Did you see the fight?
Matt: yeah bro i seen 6 today, wanna go smoke some budd?
John:sure then lets go fuck some white hoes
Matt: alright can't wait, well skip 9th period, Ms.Wood wont even notice, I LOVE Johnson City !
by JCSUCKSSOMUCHPPL February 05, 2011
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Home of the Buccaneers! It’s the biggest city in Tri-Cities of East Tennessee! This city attracts a lot of young people, and is mentioned a lot in country songs. It’s the best city in Tennessee. East Tennessee State University is located here.
Q: Where do you live?

A: Johnson City, TN
Q: cool!!
by Eastermister January 30, 2018
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