A ginormous diamond engagement ring. Often found on the ring finger of a gold digger.
Holy shit! I just got blinded by the skating rink on that chick's finger!
by koalaroo February 28, 2008
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The best damn thing to happen to the united states. Quad skating is the sport. LIVE ON 80'S!!!!!!!!!
Man, I need to go to the skating rink and chill wit my friends. Its always fun there, NO WORRIES!
by quadproquo February 28, 2005
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A modified form of the Cleveland Steamer where after crapping on one's chest you then sit on their chest and smear the crap by swiveling your hips in a circular motion.
After I gave Joe P. a Cleveland Steamer, I finished him off with a Harlem Skating Rink.
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The place were all the middle schoolers and high schoolers that go to East Pennsboro Area School District go on the weekends to skate and do drugs and smoke weed in the bathroom. 2 out of every 10 kids there are gay or lesbian/bi. It’s full of f boys and sluts, some kids that go there are nice and chill and just want to have a good time, but most of the kids just go there to do drugs or have sex in the bathroom. Sometimes there will be fights, sometimes multiple in one night and the cops sometimes come and just sit there and practically do nothing. About 50% of the teenagers that got just go to hangout and do drugs and other bad and illegal.
“Bro, I went with John to the Olympic Skating Rink last Saturday and we smoked some pot”
“Fuck yeah bro, last Saturday I went there and railed Stacy in the bathroom”
by IEatPuzzy January 23, 2021
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common phrase used to describe a bald head.
Bob's bald head is not a solar panel for a sex machine, it's more like an ice skating rink for flies.
by WVGrizMan69 December 19, 2016
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It's in between an Upper Decker (pooping in the tank) and Dropping The Kids Off At The Pool (pooping in the bowl). You just drop the lid and go to work. It's a much more direct way of saying "Fuck You" to someone you despise. The poop on the lid makes a very slippery surface; much like a skating rink.
I can't wait to go to that asshole's party tonight! I'm going to stay as late as possible then Drop The Kids Off At The Skating Rink so he/she has to skate the scat with a hangover tomorrow! What a douchebag!
by Mr. Glisten January 29, 2015
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