(n.) A greeder is a dog breeder. But specifically, it's a puppy mill dog breeder who only cares about profit, but the animals.

Which, of course, is no good - but it's mostly judgemental Furmoms who use the term, and they call EVERY breeder a "greeder" because they don't believe in ANY breeding. Their motto is "Adopt don't shop" and will shame anyone who wants a pure bred dog for supporting "Greeders"
That SJW called me a greeder for raising a litter of puppies
by Jacaranda March 27, 2020
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Someone in a mmorpg, such as wow, who needlessly takes items that he can't use.
Nerd: Oh cinammon bits! That guy just took another item, he's such a greeder.
by Dr.Sparkle September 28, 2007
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A.k.a. Dog breeder. Anyone who breeds dogs is now knows as a greeder. These greeders commodify dogs got the sake of profits while thousands of unwanted dogs are put down each year.
Adopt. Don’t shop, never buy dogs from greeders
by Lamina April 7, 2019
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Someone who thinks they can get money for something, like a commission.
On deviantART, there are tons of greeders that take Point Commissions and Monetary Commissions for points and money.
by LooneyTunerIan May 6, 2020
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