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A character design made for sale by an artist. Adopts are usually sold online at websites like Amino, Deviant Art,, etc. They can sell for any type of currency you can think of.

Adopt Artists can have Terms of Service (T.O.S.) for the characters they sell. Common rules include Asking before reselling, No reselling for more than what you bought, No major design changes, etc.
I'm selling some adopts so I can save up for that membership I wanted on Amino.
by ScarredLittleIntrovert June 16, 2019
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adopt means to take someone's place
I was so sad and my friend was so happy so I adopt my friends smile
by smitches March 22, 2016
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when somebody takes someone else in as their own
i asked my older friend to adopt me when they are 18 so i can call him daddy without it being weird
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