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Plural for "Punks", but implying a tightly-knit crew. Used on the west coast alot. See also Skunx.
"The punx and skins drank all night without fighting" or
"The punx came to my party and trashed the bathroom".
by Mysticalkey October 16, 2005
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Punx are a group of punk rockers who are hardcore and know what punk or the punk subculture is all about. Punx are not posers and usually will not call themselves punx but use the term punk rocker. Punker is a word derived from mtv and is the common use of posers. Fashion has nothin to do with what a punk is. you can be a blue collar and be a in a group of punx. There is no requirment of what you must wear.
by michaelvenema May 20, 2008
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1. A term used by those considering themselves punk, to show that they are too hardXcore for spelling.

2. A sarcastic term for those who know little to nothing about the actual punk movement, and like to shit themselves in bars.
Person One: Wooooo! GREEN DAY UP THE PUNX!

Person Two: Well, look at the punx kiddie.
by Ninefourtytwo October 25, 2006
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Referring to a group of kids who are too "punk fucking rock" for their own good. You will often see "punx" kids sporting mohawks, liberty spikes, Casualties shirts, bullet belts, doc martens, and Leftover Crack back patches. While punk rock itself works on making some kind of social change, the "punx" kid is too busy getting wasted and talking about anarchy to actually attend any sort of protest. Much like their ideals, their preferred music is a dumbed down version of what punk rock really is, leaving out any sort of message and instead talking about "punx drink beer, for the punx, punx and skins, drink more beer." Their choice of beer are the wine coolers stolen out of their parent's fridge, emptied in to 40 ounce bottles they found in an alley. The average "punx" range between the age of 15-18. After 18, the "punx" becomes known as the "degenerate piece of shit", "homeless", or more often than not, the "45 year old dishwasher". What ever you do, do not take the punx seriously.
Kid 1: I'm sick of all the norms! Up the punx! Anarchy! Let's drink beer!

Kid 2: You're a fucking idiot.

"Never ever change your ways
Drunk punx of today
Oi! oi! we are here to stay
Spiky hair drunk punx
Oi! drunk punx of today"
-The Casualties (Yes, those are real lyrics)
by (shut)upthepunx April 03, 2010
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Punx is a group of punkers that came together, and could now be called a gang(from the west coast), often agressive if provoked. they are "hardcore" mother fuckers

Punx can also be the "emo" way to spell punk
QuoteTim Armstrong-Transplants, Operation Ivy, Rancid
Around the world with the rancid PUNX
This is for the misfits, the freaks and the runts.
Fuck the motherfuckin back-stabbin cunts
Rides gettin rough, so I know I better buckle
P U N X tattooed on my knuckles
Tiny: Oh mi gawd, your new faux hawk is so punx Eas.
Eas: i no man i iz teh kingsor of punx, i'm so xHARDxCOREx
by TinyJoe October 09, 2006
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