Also written as: ’70s

(informal) the Unix Epoch.
Somehow the clock on my iPod got reset to the seventies.
by Yamato Yamamoto June 23, 2022
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When a father and son duo blow each other in the 69 position. 69 + an extra dick = 70.
I walked in on Mr. Johannson and his son doing the seventy. Damn, that's one happy family!
by Jonathan Pompadour January 22, 2008
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it's "waterproof"
if you don't know why this is here, please ignore this and have a nice day :)
this is polychromatic seventy
by DissolvedHelium August 22, 2022
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A collection of pubic hair around the female Genitalia which resembles the style seen in seventies porn.
It could be compared to the hairstyle of 70's/80's pop sensation Leo Sayer.
Well, I removed her undergarments and I was quite shocked to find a preponderance of pubes which resembled an afro wig. It was a real seventies growler, I didn't know whether to commence intercourse or stroke it like a pet dog
by g gekko July 6, 2010
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A new version of the classic Stevie Nicks song targeting Baby Boomers, performed by an unknown elderly artist with a hip replacement, no hair and poor vision.
Just like the white winged dove, the Edge of Seventy vocalist sings, “ooh, ooh I’ve fallen... and nothing else matters!”
by Dr Bunnygirl January 5, 2019
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A Seventy one is done while performing the Sixty Nine and one of the Participants put two of their fingers in the other person's ass.
The other day I caught Bill and Jill doing the Seventy one.
by moorebounce February 18, 2010
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Philadelphia's 76ers especially during the 90s.
Hey I thought after they ended the lakers run the seventy stinkers had a chance to win the 2001 finals, I was way way off.
by markexton May 25, 2009
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