a ghetto word used for Black hair, or vaseline.
She is greasing her scalp. It is also a word used for Crisco, lard or cooking oil which is grease.
by Open March 30, 2014
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a player who is quite greasy, son of grease sr., and nephew of king grease.
pizza goalie's teammate number 11 is quite better than him. uper layer of the foodchain in pigeon.
by beast October 22, 2003
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In Norfolk, ther is a 15 year_old, cathedral cheesley obssesd, no friends, liar and a greasey Tw@ whom lies at school to get people into trouble and suddenly wants em' to be there best mates.
Mix together oil, grease, fryer oil, pork chop, transaction glasses, PC obsessed geek and Pokemon fanatic and you'll get the biggest greasemiester ever
by Craig Moore. November 09, 2005
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This my friends is the new definition of thickness. Use this word to describe how curvy a woman's body is.
One guy says to another man, "Dang boy, you messing with that GREASE!!!"
by tha Kidd March 24, 2008
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A dazzling move performed in NHL 08 (not sure if used in 09) which involves a player in the game carrying the puck in front of the net and shooting far side. It is a move that 80% of the time works 40% of the time. A move invented by some greasy canadians but has been perfected by members of the waterloo black hawks in the united states hockey league.
"Edzo, use the grease"!!
"Nuge Kid that was some awesome grease"
"Moffie to Beebe, for the grease goal"
by Waterloo Black Hawks September 02, 2008
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