a pompous person, who is an idiotom
you a big fat pompadour.

can be used as an insult
by vsangel May 4, 2011
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a hairstyle, generally more common with men, where the hair in the front is combed up/high and usually twirled in a cone-like shape or curl.
- Conan O'Brien is the sexiest example of a man with a pompadour!

- John Travolta in 'Grease'
- All of the guys in 'The Outsiders'
(basically any dude in a greaser flick)

- Also popular amongst people in Rockabilly bands.
by ... April 6, 2005
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A double entendre to describe a males pubic hair. So described because of the phallic nature of the hairstyle.
Don Lothario has one Sexy Pompadour.
by holleyberry January 19, 2012
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A toupee in a pompadour style. Similar to Elvis's and favored by Rockabilly enthusiasts. Also used to identify any toupee.
Don't look but I think Mr. Jones is wearing a "pocket pompadour".

Man to barber: I'm not liking this baldness, I think I'll get me a "pocket pompadour"
by viachicago November 8, 2011
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a hairstyle with a pompadour in the front as usual, with hair buzzed short on the sides of head.
mostly worn by men of the rockabilly or psychobilly subculture.
"my switchbalde pompadour is stylin."

"all the greasers wish they had my switchblade pompadour."
by SkylerCadaver September 28, 2007
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An emoticon created by the notorious Vincent Varlotto consisting of one parenthesis, one colon(maybe an anus), and one Question mark. i.e. (:?
I'm so cool (:? <---- Pompadour Man
by Virlatto March 4, 2009
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The hairstyle that many hipsters (and often gay men) have that is short on the sides and tall or long in the middle.

Also known as the lesbian pompadour.
David Beckham, Zac Efron, or Bruno Mars all have gay man pompadours
by Amelia Jessica Pond February 13, 2014
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