A shame committed by a Jew in front of non- Jews.
What Attorney Michael Cohen did, its a shonda!
by Krissy March 14, 2019
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Yiddish word meaning "a fool" or "a shame".
A "shonda for the goyim" means to do something shameful, publicly witnessed by non-Jews, thus bringing shame upon Jews in general (because, the theory goes, we are all held accountable for the worst deeds of the worst of us.)
"Eric Cantor is a shonda".
by watmab October 18, 2011
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Shonda Is a beautiful lady. She works hard for everything she wanted and has. Lots of people hate her because she will become someone one day, and she will be powerful. She gives to the needy and helps as much as people as she can shonda will be someone you would love to know. She brightest the room with her smile. She loves kids. Had a horrible past but she don't let that get in the way of her future. She talks and walks with GOD. She is a kind, beautiful soul touching women. She is unique and won't let anyone stop her from greatness.
Shonda is a very beautiful women. Shonda is a moonlight.

Shonda will make history.
by lotsofloveforever March 14, 2017
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Fresh unashamed bold
It’s sure to be bold if it’s a Shonda
by ShondaGay November 24, 2021
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The sweetest, hottest girl in your dreams. She pursues what she wants and gets it no matter what she has to do. Her figure is that of a goddess. Smile of an angel. Most beautiful girl in the world. Ever. She is so intelligent it's hard to believe. She has great taste in music and style. Shonda, is the girl of your dreams.
If I could have my dream girl, it would be Shonda.
by CCGRL June 24, 2017
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Shonda is a beautiful young lady. She's in love with her best friends brother, and has been with him 2+ years. She loves Kyla.
by nomnom :) April 19, 2011
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Adjective. A messy or unkempt space which looks like somebody named Shonda might live at.
I don't know how she even fucks in there cause her room is so shonda with that litter box in the corner.
by SaintDevin April 6, 2019
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