niki is a stubborn ass who will never admit that she's actually really fucking hot. niki can come off as hella crazy or weird at times. but once you get to know her you will be in love, she will always make you smile, laugh and always be there for you. and she's fucking amazing once you meet a niki you will never want to let her go
person one: oh look its niki
person 2: I wish I was niki
by secrets ;)) February 23, 2019
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Niki is a term used to describe a certain group of people who excel in all they do. They are admired by many and are referred to as being very "cool". They acquire all positive traits and are very attractive.

Note: The term Niki and Nikki share no similiarities.
You wish you were like Niki!
by Nikster2 July 27, 2006
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sweet, adorable, beautiful, sexy, pretty, understanding, loving and caring
ur such niki
by loverboy86 November 10, 2013
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Niki refers to those specific females who are specifically admired by their teachers. Although this may refer to academic excellence, it ALWAYS pertains to a sexual attractiveness. In other words, teachers are always down with a Niki.
Damn, all the teachers have been hittin that; even the bomb math prof. I'm so jealous of Niki.
by A Team from the B-Teens December 30, 2009
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absolute girl crush. sporty, lovable and spontaneous. niki is one of a kind. woman of knowledge, woman of cuisines, woman of joy. slin

she has nice teeth and very kissable lips, recommended by those who tried before.

niki also has bangs like a curtain
so many girls like her! she must be a niki!
by shy girl music teacher September 15, 2019
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niki is a more outgoing person but sometimes they can be a real pain. they get jealous and always think they are right when they are wrong and can get mad at you for small things. nikis do tend to steal another partners partner. they are very loud and love to party. the bad side of nikis are how they manipulate people and love to be controlling and be the boss of the group. other then that they can be very sweet but backstabbing in the end.
boy - omg who is that ?
person - thats niki .. she’s a real bitch

boy - yikes ..
by October 31, 2020
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niki is a pretty girl. because i said so. and now because this is on the internet it is indeed true.
wow who’s that?”
“that’s niki. a pretty human.”
by kayak2 January 28, 2021
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