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Niki is a term used to describe a certain group of people who excel in all they do. They are admired by many and are referred to as being very "cool". They acquire all positive traits and are very attractive.

Note: The term Niki and Nikki share no similiarities.
You wish you were like Niki!
by Nikster2 July 27, 2006
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Niki is a name that describes one who is outgoing, fun, witty, genuine, honest, faithful, smart, lovable, energetic, attentive, and greatful. Niki's always the life of the party! They are very pretty. They are very real, and they love to talk. They take care of their hair, their bodies, their whole appearance, and they also dress well. Dating a Niki can be a roller coaster, but in the end, it will pay off!! Everybody loves Niki! Nikis ROCK!!
El- Jason has been dating Niki forevorrr!!

Lisa- I know right?! Its cause shes soo pretty and cool!!!

El- I think im gonna change my name to Niki. ;)
by Mlove. December 04, 2011
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One hard ass, who can be sweet at times, niki's usually excels in all they do, and are admired by many. Some say niki's are cocky, but their just confident.
Girl 1: hey his name is niki!
Girl 2: what a cutie..
by 411foru August 15, 2010
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A Niki is a smexxi girl whose just plain great. Its a name short for Nikita -- Which is Russian AND Indian. Everyone is jealous of Niki, since shes so damn awesome.
Caslon: Hey Nikki
Niki: Im not Nikki! Im Niki. Theres a HUGE difference.
Caslon: Oh.
by ForevaBabii April 05, 2010
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Niki refers to those specific females who are specifically admired by their teachers. Although this may refer to academic excellence, it ALWAYS pertains to a sexual attractiveness. In other words, teachers are always down with a Niki.
Damn, all the teachers have been hittin that; even the bomb math prof. I'm so jealous of Niki.
by A Team from the B-Teens December 30, 2009
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