The opposite to robbing the cradle, Going out with someone that is older then you.
Hes going out wiht a chick thats 10 years older then him, what a grave robber
by James April 14, 2004
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Someone who steals everyone's sadness and then buries it in their grandmother's grave.
It was a grave situation, so I grave robbed everyone's sadness and buried it in my grandmother's coffin. That rotting wench can deal with it now.

Grave robber.
by Vulch5 September 15, 2015
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A young woman or man who is attracted to or dates older men. Usually, twice their age or near death. The opposite of a cradle robber.
Example 1:
Me: Hey look at that guy! I wouldn't kick him out of bed!
You: That's because he wouldn't be physically able to get out of bed.... >.>
Example 2:
Me: I've got a date with this hot chick i met yesterday.
You: Another cougar?
Me: Yes, does that make me a grave robber?
by Thianica October 05, 2011
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The opposite of a cougar, a woman over the age of 18 who dates older men. Differentiated from a gold digger because the men the Grave Robber dates are not necessarily rich. Also not considered jail bait, as said woman is over age, however if she was under age she would be considered jail bait.
"Ick is totally hitting on Jason right now..."
"I know she's such a Grave Robber"
by Jason the Waiter November 16, 2013
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To date the significant other of a dead person.

#1.The grave robber is typically one who has had a long, secret love for the deceased's lover, or has been a former lover.

#2.The grave robber cold also be like a funeral crasher, who tries to use the grief of the widow/widower as an opportunity to get a piece of ass.
Example of #1: "It totally broke my heart when Joe married Angela, but now that's she's dead I can finally review my true feelings! But that would make me a grave robber! Woe is me!"

Example #2: "Dude, I'm totally going to make my move on Joanne and tap that ass!"

"Don't be a grave robber, dude. We're at her husband's funeral."
by Viking Phlegm January 29, 2010
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A man who consistently dates woman likely to die childless in order to avoid dating a woman fit for motherhood, and the responsibility therein.
John could get any girl he wants; but, over the last three years, John has dated different mentally unstable woman at a rate of one per year. John, would never wed or impregnate these woman on a clear mind. The reason John dates these woman is because it allows him to avoid the responsibility of dating a woman of high caliber. He takes pussy from girls destined for the grave, thus John is a Grave Robber.
by CROCROCROCRO September 29, 2011
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Removing a dead gerbil, hamster, or even guinea pig from your buddies ass.
After a good feltching, Frank forgot about the hamster in Jeff's ass so he performed a grave robber
by edslee June 25, 2009
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