Idiom: Used equivalently in meaning to "poor me" but usually used when caught complaining too much of about something not that bad.

Used to indicate that you've called yourself out for complaining too much.

Usually used by people over 45 years of age or by those with too much education.
You "I can't believe I only got a pay raise of $10,000 when I was expecting a $12,000 raise" (your friend looks at you with different expression) "woe is me."
by kmBoulder April 17, 2015
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1. Term used as an idiom that is expressed delusionally out of sadness or sorrow. Often used humorously.

2. An kick-ass band from Atlanta, Georgia. If you haven't heard of them then you should definitely check them out.
1. Woe is me, I have eaten your bagel.

2. My favourite song by Woe, is Me is Mannequin Religion.
by usernamesaresomainstream July 24, 2011
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it comes from the Yiddish "oh vez mear". and in response to the 'woe-is-me'ing post, you're incorrect. woe is me is a commonly used phrase and although not grammatically sound, it is in the parlance of our times. No one would say "woe is i". sorry.
you are sitting with your friends and have a self-realization that "these are my friends, wow!". you then would exclaim, with your hands cursing the sky "oh vez mear!" or "woe-is-me"
by ohvezmear March 14, 2008
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