A long process where one persistently flirts and talks with a girl via text, msn, facebook etc. until you (eventually/rarely) "tap that ass".
"Joe is a grafting machine! Everytime I see him he's texting some female..."
by EWS16 January 18, 2010
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English slang which could mean the following; to steal, to sell, to buy, or to deal illegal goods like drugs.
I’ve had enough of this job, I’m going on the graft.”
“This is sick, gonna graft it.”
by tedpilled August 5, 2020
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1) to work (esp. hard work like a builder etc. not really used for jobs like a lawyer but can be)

2) to function (if something grafts then it works, if it doesnt graft it is broken)

3) to steal
Ex. 1)
P1: you getting madded tonight?
P2: i cant ive got to be up early tomorrow for graft.

Ex. 2)
P1: let me show you this website i found its deadly
P2: you cant mate my shitty computer doesnt graft anymore.

Ex. 3) dosser thief: we off out on the graft tonight ive scoped the perfect gaf??
by forder89 April 19, 2010
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I) to persistintly talk to a female until she fancies you
II) someone who you are flirting with
"God abbie is hard to graft"

"Don't go near her she's sam's graft"
by Micheal 'jamooonnn' Jackson March 18, 2016
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When a person is talking to a mega fit bird, they flirt and touch the tit.
SHEESH, Henry is on the graft tonight. Lad i heard he touched her tit lad. What a graft
by Yummehbacon54 February 26, 2022
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Nice, Epic, Cool, Awesome, Really really totally not dull and seriously in awe to all that is glorious, chill and extremely supercool.
That's Graft man! = That's nice/cool man!
I had a totally Graft time, dude! = It was epic.
by Arnulf55 April 7, 2010
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Scottish slang meaning a guy who is trying to get a girl to like him. A bit like flirting. Can be shortened to 'graft' or 'g-rafting'
"Oh see Dave over there he's grafting on Lisa"

"Dave's on the graft"

"Dave's g-rafting"

"Graft graft graft your boat gently down the stream..."
by omacc October 10, 2014
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