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Scottish slang meaning a guy who is trying to get a girl to like him. A bit like flirting. Can be shortened to 'graft' or 'g-rafting'
"Oh see Dave over there he's grafting on Lisa"

"Dave's on the graft"

"Dave's g-rafting"

"Graft graft graft your boat gently down the stream..."
by omacc October 10, 2014
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Dave: ''Christ, Jim works hard doesn't he?!''
Shamus: ''Yeah hes a real grafter.''
by Ferd December 30, 2004
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when a girl rubs a guy's penis with her underarms
Guy 1: dude my girlfriend was grafting me last night
Guy 2: did it feel good?
Guy 1: hell yeah! she was wearing a special deodorant.
by bono123 September 23, 2010
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Earning money for drugs by whatever means, mostly shoplifting, card fraud, blagging, street robbery, car crime, or prostitution.
I've been grafting all day just to get money for my next dig.
by pink girrafe February 16, 2006
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Grafting is a horticultural art that gardening enthusiasts have mastered to produce different varieties of a particular fruit species onto one tree. Fruit trees need to be compatible and of the same genus. Stock and Scion must be genetically close (taxonomic) in order for the grafting union to form. If one parent is involved in the grafting process and the graft is successful, the tree will produce fruit identical to its fruit tree- this is called asexual reproduction. Plums and peaches can be grafted onto the same tree. Nectarine can also be added to the same tree because they closely related, but you can't graft an apple on it because it's a different specie.

Bud and Scion are the two main types of grafting.Grafting is combining the best characteristics of of two, three or more plants onto the stock root of an existing healthy, non-diseased tree. You can graft four different apple varieties onto a pear root stock. With the right technique and the correct temperature, a successful graft union will form and produce a fruit salad tree. An old tree that 's been unproductive can be top worked to change it's old variety to a new variety. The scion twig that's used for grafting is the young shoot or bud that's been collected from the previous growth and stored in an airtight freezer bag in a cool dry place. During storage, the scion should be stored away from apples. Apples tend to produce ethylene gas which is strong enough to kill the scion.
Steps for Grafting:

1. Attach the scion to the root stock by making a vertical incision in the stock and matching the scion using the Whip and Tongue method.

2. Wrap the scion and stock with grafting tape or electrical rubber tape. This natural pressure created by the stock is not enough to keep the scion and stock tightly connected together. By wrapping them with tape, you're binding them together and eliminating any chance for the scion to slip out thus allowing the wound to heal properly.
3. A wound dressing is painted on the tip of the scion and the surface of the stock, then covered with wax.
by Jam and cream May 11, 2018
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