a commonly used saying in the south east of the united kingdom to show that something of great humour or value has occured often said in a bezerk mannor
Gerald-"timmothy, did you fuck that loose girl last night"
Timmothy-"why yes i did Gerald"
Spectator-"We off!!!"
by chris jones from eden records October 25, 2011
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when you end your shift at work
we off for today
by sytfadt91 April 18, 2022
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I don't like that/I don't do that OR

We don't like that/we don't do that

Can be plural or singular
Friend: "Hey did you see that big girl? I'd love to hit that."

Me: "Nah son, we off dat."
by Jamthrilla September 1, 2012
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A phrase said after a statement or story to someone who is not paying attention to you. The point of this phrase is to catch the person off guard and make them confused. Best used after talking about you and someone other guy.
Mike- " Yeah dude did you hear about our wild night? Me and Butch went to the club and got into this giant fight with a couple of these pussies! "

Zach- Not paying attention.

Mike- " Yeah it was badass! And then we took off our shirts and kissed. "

Zach- " Uhh.. yeah man that's cool... wait, what?? "
by pyro7291 May 15, 2010
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