The act of lubing up an apple with one's piss, then inserting it into your significant other's rectum.
Prom got really weird after Ms. Hackenberg pulled me aside and asked me for a golden apple.
by Cranberryjuicer January 6, 2016
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An item in Minecraft that is used for when fighting bosses when eaten it gives you absorption and regeneration || for a short second
Guy:1 hey bro I had 20 golden apples the ender dragon left me with 7

Guy:2 nice
by A big bird July 26, 2019
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When you shit in your partners hand and then make a ball with the shit, after you roll it in gold glitter. Let it harden and then shove it up your partners ass. Leaving it golden and then eat that apple out. Leaving both partners with beautiful gold. Aka the ol golden bastard.
Hey man last time.. we did the golden apple! Now my beard is full of gold glitter and my girl has been shiting golden flakes for days. Yo homie we rich bitch.
by Xart760 January 24, 2019
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An exquisite item in Minecraft:

Made only by surrounding an Apple by Gold Ingots in a Crafting Table, you will receive a Golden Apple. This item is different than an Enchanted Golden Apple, also known as a God Apple, as a Golden Apple is lower tier. This is because an Enchanted Golden Apple requires an Apple to be surrounded by Gold Blocks, which is 9 Golden Ingots. You need 72 Gold Ingots for it, while for a regular Golden Apple only requires 9. They can be in a Stack of 64.
A Golden Apple will replenish 4 Hunger Bars, give you Absorption for two minutes, and Regeneration II for five seconds.
As a natural spawn, a Golden Apple is very rare, the highest chance of being found naturally is in 28.2% of Chest Minecarts in Mineshafts, and the lowest being in Stronghold Altar Chests at 2.5%.
You will often find Golden Apples in Minecraft Servers being used in PvP-type games.
Golden Apples have a few more uses than just healing and a couple of side effects. They can cure Zombie Villagers, give you a higher chance at Taming a Horse, and can be used in a Banner for a unique Pattern.
The Namespaced ID for a Golden Apple is golden_apple, and it's Numeric ID being 322 in Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.
Hey John, want to PvP with me?
Sure bro, are we using Golden Apples?
Only 3, they can be a bit too overpowered.
Alright, brophessor.
by DerpzKing the wise July 25, 2019
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A slang term for blonde female pubic hair.
She had a golden apple and that thing was ripe.
by Big_dank April 6, 2016
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The large and prickly balls or testicles of a human male. One that hasn’t been in contact with a razor for a very long time. The strands of hairs represents the spikes on the seed of a golden apple fruit.
She likes putting golden apple seed in her mouth.
by Pcw July 2, 2023
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