to extrude feces from the bowel.Defecation or feceation (known colloquially as pooping or shitting). the act of eliminating solid or semisolid waste material from the digestive tract.

Used as a code word if one doesn't want to announce his intentions of shitting because of embarassment.
(within a crowd)Hey Mack, let's get out of this party. I need to make a ball.
by chork August 19, 2005
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To poop, crap, or shit.
That old man in WalMart tried to make a ball in his pants. He was in the electronic section.
by ChodeFace September 9, 2005
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Situational instance in which the speaker is overcome with annoyance, discomfort, disgust, etc.
"Listening to that bitch talk about her feelings makes my balls itch!"
by Bebreezy1986 September 3, 2019
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When your balls are fondled, licked and sucked, enough to make them great's very simple and very satisfying.
Man whispers into his girls ear...make my balls great again....she does!
by P bear delite January 10, 2017
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When you ask someone if they want to do something with or for you and they say no with a little tude (attitude).
Hey, We are going to a show, do you want to go? or Hey, can you help me move? They say no, you say "what ever makes your balls bounce"
by Ms D October 22, 2010
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