I type of Minecraft like Pocket or Java edition.
I don't understand why people hate on Bedrock Editions so much, there are more features to Bedrock Edition than Java Edition. Plus Bedrock Edition has the same updates Java gets.
by BellaBie May 29, 2021
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the most stupidest thing to ever exist why would you play on this version its literally trash
fuck bedrock edition hello java edition
by okmasterletskilldaho January 30, 2021
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Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is the worst version of Minecraft known to man. Toxicity, bad potting, bad screenshake etc. All known players have at least 1 hack on their PC and cheat their balls off. The shittiest server in this edition of Minecraft is Versai.tk where cheaters rise up! This server has a shit anticheat that doesn't ban PE Androids but ban Win10s who click over 10 CPS. Cheat Engine and Horion Client are very bad and ruin this shit community and make it 10x shittier than original MC PvP. Any server than Versai has 12 block KB making it skill-free.
A bad Minecraft Version is a great example of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.
by kklhkjjk March 23, 2020
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The best edition of Minecraft. Not the buggy version of Minecraft. Has children playing it, and non-toxic players, unlike Java Edition. It has servers like TheHiveMC, Cubecraft, and Galaxite. Just ignore the 4 other server and play the mentioned servers, and you'll see the superior version.
Minecraft Bedrock Edition Player: Hi. I'm a Bedrock Player. We have better bridging, and no 1.9 PvP. We have 1.8 PvP.
by bedrockedition November 23, 2021
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