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Something (such as a phrase or action) in a movie or TV show that hints a character is going to die. Usually the more death flags they rack up, the higher the probability they will die.
Examples of a Death Flag include:
-Aggravating an important character, such as a king.
-Unknowingly ignoring signs a person is a psycho.
-Telling someone everything will be okay.
-Boasting about how lucky you are to be alive after a certain deadly event.
-Running into danger because you think you are a strong boi and will become a chick magnet.
-Running into danger because you underestimate the enemy.
-Killing innocents and expecting to be forgiven.
-Being a teacher of the next warrior and teaching them everything you know.
-If in animation, being poorly detailed and bland means that the animators know the person will die so they don't bother making the person look good.
-Investigating a noise you heard at night when home alone.

"Huh? What was that noise? I have to check it out because that's not a stupid decision at this time while no one can hear me screaming for my life as I'm killed."
by DerpzKing the wise June 10, 2019
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An exquisite item in Minecraft:

Made only by surrounding an Apple by Gold Ingots in a Crafting Table, you will receive a Golden Apple. This item is different than an Enchanted Golden Apple, also known as a God Apple, as a Golden Apple is lower tier. This is because an Enchanted Golden Apple requires an Apple to be surrounded by Gold Blocks, which is 9 Golden Ingots. You need 72 Gold Ingots for it, while for a regular Golden Apple only requires 9. They can be in a Stack of 64.
A Golden Apple will replenish 4 Hunger Bars, give you Absorption for two minutes, and Regeneration II for five seconds.
As a natural spawn, a Golden Apple is very rare, the highest chance of being found naturally is in 28.2% of Chest Minecarts in Mineshafts, and the lowest being in Stronghold Altar Chests at 2.5%.
You will often find Golden Apples in Minecraft Servers being used in PvP-type games.
Golden Apples have a few more uses than just healing and a couple of side effects. They can cure Zombie Villagers, give you a higher chance at Taming a Horse, and can be used in a Banner for a unique Pattern.
The Namespaced ID for a Golden Apple is golden_apple, and it's Numeric ID being 322 in Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.
Hey John, want to PvP with me?
Sure bro, are we using Golden Apples?
Only 3, they can be a bit too overpowered.
Alright, brophessor.
by DerpzKing the wise July 25, 2019
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